Watchman Yahu sending up Praises to The Most High Shavuot Pentecost 2016

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  1. where are you all located? I am looking for a real hebrew isralite church in the DC md and VA area

  2. that is so true my brother spiritual warfare is a constant battle the demonic entities don't rest unfortunately our fleshly bodies do but this is why we meditate day and night on the word of Yah prayer and fasting .thank you for the message.

  3. I live in Louisville Kentucky where all the Israelites I need to be around them I feel it's the only way to learn the truth please

  4. all praise to The Most High Father Our Power.we need the Ruach HaKodesh to endure this night, joy comes in the morning.HalleluYah.gear up Hebrews,it's almost over.return to Torah and live, and be prayerful.follow Yahuah,keep the faith in Yahushua,HaMashiach.shalom family.

  5. where can I study online with you guys please let me know thank you or anyone knows let me know

  6. Say it. Say it. Worthy Is The Lamb of Yah. Fight the Power. With the weapons and armor of Yah. Thank you for sharing and caring. You and your family are doing a mighty work for the King. HalleluYah.

  7. I'm going through a very tough moment and I can feel the demons messing me on a Daily. Soon as Brother Yahu started the prayer I immediately started crying.

  8. Watchman I was praising Yah with ya'll oh my goodness I wish it was more, HALLELUYAH

  9. Praise Yah! I know the Pentecost service was wonderful! I registered to go and paid but was unable to make it. You better believe that I will be in attendance of the next Holy day event! Bless you all in Yah's name!

  10. The Bible said: His slpendor covered the Heavens, and the Earth was full of His Praise (Habak 3:3) 1 Love

  11. where do you have your worship on saturdays because im looking to relocate very soon and i want to learn more of the truth ?



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