We Have Real UFO Footage

Watch my video on the military’s evidence of UFOs:


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Comment (23)

  1. Does the report go into any details about the radar's measurement (I mean it is classified so that is convenient), because if it was such a short span and since radar works by getting returns back it could be argued that the 60k feet one isn't the same object as the one in lower altitude. For all we know the 60k one went stealth and lower altitude decided to show themselves and radar operator got bamboozled. Anyway to me this entire things seems like an info OP by pentagon themselves where one side of pentagon has no clue what is happening and other side is just working on one of their secret weapons. Pentagon is investigating themselves and found nothing lol.

  2. Extraterrestrials aren't persay paranormal, that's more like mythical creatures and such. That would be more paranatural, stuff that is real and possible in our reality but something that we just can't explain.

  3. The video is like giving me a new perspective, instead of government studying Alien and trying to reverse engineer it, they also just like us, as curious as it gets on what are these Tic tacerion doing

  4. CIA and American government is making people fool since 1950.
    they tested their spying plans in area 51, not UFO .
    and this thing I think is also a secret mission of CIA and American government .

  5. What I think of it is that the government knew E.Ts exist but don't have enough data for them to explain it to the public which may cause an unnecessary global crisis. Therefore it's easier to deny than to explain something you know nothing about. Besides, we already have more than enough problems.

  6. Unidentified flying object. Me "What's that thing in the sky?", You "Don't know.", Me "It's an object, it's flying and it's unidentified. it's a UFO!", you "Ok?", Me "it could be a message from God, or a vastly superior race of extraterrestrial cosmic squids, it could be a tear in the fabric of reality it's self or it could be the government, trying to take over the world with things we can't identify or a foreign government, we could be under attack!", You "are you ok? I think we should see a doctor.".

  7. Eh…. Just because the government says they're studying something, doesn't make it "proof that it's real." Why? because government will throw money at ANYTHING in order for government to take in more taxpayer money (or to get the federal reserve to print it out of thin air). They would LITERALLY throw money at finding the Tooth Fairy if they thought they could get away with it.

  8. What they're showing is the culmination of the works of the US Navy and a man known as Salvatore Pai (sp), and patents applied for and granted, in 2017.
    The others, can be completely shielded from detection. The tic tacs aren't flying out of the atmosphere for a reason, it is us, not them…

    Difficult to know for sure. Unless one of us, or yourself, truly goes aboard, and comes back to talk about it, with a sound mind… Was that Travis Walton? Some say yes…


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