We know who we are… now what? Ask Watchman

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  1. We have to continue to study the scriptures and the natural world. We are responsible for putting this world back in order to how it was before Gentile ruling. The scriptures tell us that we have a natural enemy. This planet also has an enemy. If you don't know who that enemy is, how can you fight it?

    Also when studying, compare what Paul said (N.T.), what "Jesus" said (N.T.), and what "Thus saith the Lord"(O.T.) said. You will see a lot of discrepancies/additions/deletions. And if I had to choose who to listen to, I personally am going with "Thus saith the Lord".

  2. Tell em again i like how yall teach plain and simple!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and say alot of things I want to tell people. everything yall talk about happens to me real life stories by me not being perfect I fall back till I get myself all the way together dont want to be misrepresenting yah im I wrong

  3. Once we realize that we are not only Kings and Queens but also Gods and Goddesses. The Fake Jews knows this but have conditioned our minds to the point that our POWER has been suppressed. We must relate this to our sons and daughters for they are our beneficiaries. Turn off the Love&Hip Hop foolishness, The Atanta Housewives and Empire which is all White Jew controlled bs and learn about your History which is the Word of Yah. Amen

  4. I was very persistent about telling my brother about the truth even sending you tube videos and he was like sis if you keep doing this I'm going to have to cut you off. I was like WOW. lol . He loves to keep piece so he couldn't stop talking to me so now I spoon feed him like a baby. I pray that he stop going to thst church first though .

  5. We need to equally have knowledge as to where we are in order to overcome the test by Returning to TMH Creator Himself and learn from His Truths Alone.. to The Our Only Source and Redeemer and leave man-made accessibilities to the temporary rulers that be… we were not awakened during the implant of their evil doing agenda… Some repentance needed from us ALL… questions should be, how did our fall, what was pushed to cause the fall? And if we are find to be repeating the err of their ways.. with only realizing who we are… we could very well be standing on dangerous sinking sand… 😊

  6. Thank you both so much & Blessings !! My own Blessed Mom & Pastor Stephen Darby who has been Blessed with this info as well on YouTube from Destined Ministries, you all should check him out on his videos as well! They Jacked us, The Willie Lynch Syndrome, Racism because they owe us, & Who are we?It is such an amazing X right now for the True Hebrews here in America!! Have you all seen, where Hitler even knew who the True Hebrews were? It Appears that many people are afraid of the truth & will do whatever it takes, to keep ignorance going!! I Just wanted to say, keep up the good work in JESUS!!

  7. I think all our families have responded in a negative way or think that we're crazy or following a cult. We have to back off sometimes and give them breathing room. Just tell them and let it go. I lost a friend that was a minister because I shared the information with her about us being the Hebrew Israelites. She told me I was going crazy and she didn't want to hear it so I left it alone. I called her again and she hang the phone up on me. We had been friends over twenty years. She was in my wedding. She knows me very well and that I don't just fall for anything. She was afraid that I was right but she didn't want to be uncomfortable. She is very comfortable with her beliefs and doesn't want to change. She rather call me crazy than to at least listen to what I had to say. She didn't give me time to share too much of anything before she cut me off. I was really shocked by her response. We even had a prison ministry together. I have another girlfriend who is a minister she did listen but told me she couldn't receive it at this time so I left it alone with her. She asked me not to discuss the Bible with her. Lol. She knows to that I don't just go for anything and she's afraid of change as well. I'm just shocked Abraham ur people's response. I thought they would be happy like I was when Yah revealed it to me.

  8. I Know who I am… Now What…….. Well. I DO WHAT ABBA YAH & YAHUSHUA TELL ME TO DO; KEEP FOLLOWING THEM, AND LET THE DEAD BURY THE DEAD. Literally and Figuratively….SELAH

  9. where in the bible should I start reading and should I start following the old testament laws i mean the dietary and moral laws i know Jesus did away with the sacrificial law

  10. isn't it funny now that now we know who Yahusha is and we know who we are but all the time that we was without the True light we was being deceived we know that Esu is are enemy and it was given to him to deceive us the children of Ya'aqub calling himself trying to get back at us think about it peep this out (Jesus) all masculine names in Greek ends with a (S) we now know that in our alaph bat there's no J take the J out drop the S at the end of that false name then you end up with Esu 😂 literally isn't that something Family stay with YAHUAH at any cost Shalum.

  11. hello my brother love what you and your wife are doing love it my name is Sherman my phone number is 510 9277447 I am not computer savvy but I would definitely like to talk with you your brother in Jacob's trouble.

  12. Everyone has their own measure of if we're overzealous even if we're aren't. We just gotta be confident in Yah and let lots fall where they may.

  13. some family don't want to hear it….my mom rejected the truth when I brought it to her….now she go around telling people I am crazy for believing I am a real Jew and the chosen people …..i told her I got it all from the same bible she carry and collect dust with. the most high will show you the truth of your heart truly desire

  14. Thanks so much for posting. I have only come into the truth five months ago and I am learning more every day
    This post has helped me so much with some of the issues I'm facing. Todah Rabah!


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