We must remain humble

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  1. Shalom,What a powerful scripture for today..while ending my shift this morning I had to put that into action this morning with one of my coworker.. thank you Yah for awareness of the ruach…Yah's word is a light unto my pathway its nothing like being in tone to the ruach All praises to the Most High Yah

  2. I needed to hear this today I definitely have been pushing hebraic history and our roots in those close to me… I need to be praying for myself to seek strength to get stronger to help othersrather than praying they see the light

  3. HallaluYAH ABBA YAH for the WORD of TRUTH in his people Amen. Glory and Honour in Thanks and Praise to YAH for LOVE,MERCY and TRUTH to be poured out upon Fallow ground,that is to say WILLING HEARTS. HallaluYAH ABBA YAH For I AM NOT Worthy Amen Amen Amen.

    Revelation 22:4"And they shall see his face: and his name shall be in there foreheads."

    Revelation 9:4"And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth,neither any green thing,neither any tree;but only those men which have not the seal of God(YAH) in there foreheads."

    PEACE and JOY in YAH the ONLY NAME THAT SAVES Glory to YAH for the WORD of TRUTH and the LOVE and the SEAL and the FOUNDATION and the STANDARD and the STATUTE and the PLUMB-LINE of every wall in the NEW DAY OF YAH and the NEW COVENANT and the COMMANDMENT ETERNAL that is YAH. Amen HallaluYAH HallaluYAH HallaluYAH ABBA YAH FOREVER in LOVE,MERCY and TRUTH that is INFINITE,TIMELESS and PERFECT in one name YAH for ALL. Amen Amen Amen… For YAH is God and WE ARE BUT MEN. HallaluYAH ABBA Amen.

    ;))) Peace and LOVE to ALL,for that is the Divine Will and Good Pleasure of the Father(ABBA) and Creator(Elohim) of ALL creation YAH from Before the Foundation was. HallaluYAH ABBA YAHweh Thank you in LOVE and TRUTH for MERCY in our Beloved your Only Begotten Son YAHoshua who is FOREVER and EVER by your LOVE and COMPASSION ABBA YAHweh Amen Amen Amen ;)))

  4. Almost time for all those who are teaching half truths but are far from THM Creator of ALL creations, and if you do not stop teaching from a part of the book that are infested with demons… they will swallow you up… this JEsus says that he comes for the lost sheep of Israel.. the lost sheep are those the worship deities, false gods and depraved practices that includes witchcraft and sorcery… your are naked and you are blaspheming the Name of the MH Creator of ALL creations with that of false gods given to you by a demonic device, implantation and according to the word of evil men here in haydeez that they renamed "world"…TMH Creator said "ALL shall know Him, and ALL will praise Him on "One Accord" in the day of His Return.. your unknowingly agenda or knowingly agenda for gain will backfire on you.. if you don't Return to Him and repent of your ways.. He controls all spirits and are testers and some will deceive you… even in the power to deceive by the duplicating gifts.. think about the little ones if not yourself.. they belong to Him… we are only vessels unto Him down here and are the ones who will be held responsible for their teachings…

  5. that was a great quick message..i can relate so much to it. I've been blessed with abundance most of my adult life..but i never talk about my possessions or anything else..i just always have been that way. and to hear this scripture is great..I've been pleasing YAHUAH

  6. yes sirrrrrrr! as the scripture goes: seek justice, love mercy, walk humble with your Elohim, thank you for a powerful reminder today! ❤😄- YAH bless!

  7. Shalom Family!
    It's true that : PSALMS 25:9 The meek will he guide in judgment: and the meek will he teach his way. 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth:and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.149:4 For YAHUAH takes pleasure in his people:he will beautify the meek with yeshu'ah / salivation.

  8. please look at the samboish youtube video, of christian pastor O'Dell. What a disgrace to our people! come down on Hebrew Israelites.


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