Weed given as gifts in Washington DC's Cannabis stores | US Federal law still bans Cannabis | WION

Some stores in Washington, DC are handing out a complimentary bag of Marijuana with each purchase. WION tells you more in this report.

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  2. If all world leaders smoked some herb before their meetings and discussions war would end peace would prevail and number one or number two or number three would not matter. The only thing that would matter is mankind and our planet Earth.

  3. Weed should be legal everywhere on the planet. Some people, ALOT of people in fact, just need to smoke a bowl and chill the hell out. Crime would be less, and violence would be less. Love, understanding, and compassion for one's neighbor would increase. Win win for everyone.

  4. Mary Jane was beautiful and everyone loved her……including the airline pilots…who forgot to put fuel in the plane. Note to Pilots. No more Mary Jane!

  5. Mary Jane…..took my ambition. But I gave it all my time! And look! Most excellent hash brownies! Thanks Mary Jane! I always get the munchies! Mary Jane……this is Ike and Daisy Dew…from the Mountain of Dew! You go together like Lennon and McCartney. Not like Lenin and McCarthy….thatโ€™s quite opposite. Thanks for pointing that out……Mary Jane!

  6. if you've ever been to any city in the united states… they lock up black people for having weed but let the white guys keep it.

    edit: thats one of few black weed shop owners.

  7. If marijuana is legalized in the world then the multi billion dollar industry of wine and alcohol will simply don't exist so Europe doesn't want it to happen

  8. WION can you please make a report on how USA forced to ban the plant worldwide and how it is affecting Indian culture, population and economy

  9. u can see those with the telelift on the walls , i suspected with the children head bash cause democracy is like mature person product is more expensive as inequality. i mean everyone is on mature ppl product cause they can win more , and whats left is children , u can wonder if democracy is right…

  10. Literally to the 1% who's reading this, God bless you, and may your dreams come true, stay safe and have a wonderful day.

  11. Fact is government around the world are interested only in narcotics they have control over- alcohol & tobacco. Weed is easily grown & distributed in small scale by entrepreneurs, and in some parts of the world like India its dead cheap in the form of bhang.

  12. Indian-Govt must change its Rules regarding Marijuana production & consumption in India for both Medicinal & Recreational activities.


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