West vs Russia: Joe Biden asks congress for $33 billion for support to Kyiv | World News | WION

US President Joe Biden has asked congress for 33 billion dollars to support Kyiv and this is being seen as a dramatic escalation of the US funding for the war against Russia. For more perspective, we’re joined by Yehor Brailian, Journalist.

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Comment (26)

  1. Ukraine should have kept its nukes. If you are a small country and have no nuclear deterrence or part of an alliance like NATO then good luck. Afghanistan 2.0

  2. AID is a political term being used by US but in truth and in fact, that is a loan that Ukraine will pay dearly with there remaining resource and more lives.

  3. You Remember Guatemala. Iraq. Syria. Afghanistan. 100s of Humvee jeeps. helicopters. Guns in Afghanistan now the Taliban running around with American Weapons. America never lean A lesson from history. next Ukraine or Taiwan.

  4. USA would be smart to Keep its own borders secure from invaders ! Senile old Man biden is a traitor of his country by fleecing secrets to china and made crooked deals with Ukraine with his Son Hunter as bagman ,

  5. Phillip schilliger …You are wrong No ! No one ever can CONQUEST RUSSIA , read the history my good man , youll find out who are Russian people are , their motherland is their life unconditionally ! No one can destroy Russia first of all its a huge territory , biggest country in the world , can not be occupied !
    Russia was under attack by Napoleon and Hitler too , both with great armies and greatest strategy …both have Lost ! Please , Please learn who Russians are .They are most patriotic people with a big cultural riches.

  6. I feel like this generations at large don't know the power of nuclear weapons and I feel like Putin need to use Ukraine as and example to show the world he has not been bluffing when he talks about nukes he should atlease let our generations see some small action of nuked we wanna see just what 5 kilotons can do I am so desperate

  7. Ukraine president is out of his sense he is used by the west he must man up and stop dreaming
    His country is the battle ground he is playing with people's lives

  8. I don't even know why Putin is making Russian soldiers risk thier lives I mean if he drops some strategic nukes on kyiv I bet you everybody will Know he is serious

  9. Just look at Ukraine's cities.
    That will tell you who is winning.
    Poor Ukrainians falling victim to Zelelnske and America.
    Chances of Russia losing is ZERO they have nukes.
    Just my couch potato opinion

  10. The $33 billion be in the riches pocket,tricking the population with small millions $ worth delivery worth of weapons to Ukrain and steal the rest of the money. So who is benefiting here? Well the majority of the population are too blinded to understand this game.

  11. The question is if Ukraine will get the type of equipment that’ll allow a counter-offensive. Without that this conflict will drag on.

  12. Joe Biting,you fool too much,why don't you seek peace with Putin,your partner?All of you are the same,even USA racism and aggression is sometimes more than Russia

  13. This so called aid is Not free and never has been
    There is no free dinner for anyone
    This is all for self interest of the west
    Ukraine will be in debt for generations

  14. American Tax Payers results to look like stupid. NATO counties don't pay dues expect USA. With rising Inflation, USA will spend more.

  15. Looks like Ukraine has become just as Afghanistan.
    NATO will keep fuelling this war as they did in Afghanistan.
    They will spend trillions of dollars just as they did there.
    They might face the same consequences as they did in Afghanistan.
    Or might face even more because Russians are not Afghans in terms of military capability and influence.

  16. This is NOTHING but a tax-grab the American pockets Ish-hole corporate-USA has AY planned ALL of this all along!

  17. Russia if your going to shoot off nuclear weapons now is the time or let your country suffer for decades?

  18. Russia has the emp so if they detonate it over Europe and Ukraine then they will be back in the stone age and it will take 10 to 20 years before they get power back .


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