What Are Nanobots? | Nanites for Regeneration

Recently, I went to see the movie Bloodshot and one of the key features of the movie is the use of nanorobots for regeneration, and while the use of nanobots in the movie may have felt like science fiction it may not be that far fetched. If you have not seen Bloodshot and are just wondering, what are nanobots or you have heard of them referred to by another name like nanorobots, nanoscale robots, or nanites and want to know what they do. This is the video for you.

In this video I will be discussing the use of nanorobots in medicine. Particularly over the last decade how nanorobots in the human body have been used to promote healing and regeneration. Nanites for regeneration is a wide area of study in the field of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

One of the coolest innovations came this year with the introduction of the Xenobot. The Xenobot is the first living and self-healing nanobot developed. Check out this video to learn more about a bunch of different nanobots that were developed in the last decade.


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  1. If a person with nanite filled blood used a needle to suck some their blood out of their body and injected that saringe into the bloodstream of a damaged enemy who has a different blood type, the nanites would change the enemy's blood type into their opponent's blood type and unknowingly kill the enemy from blood defect failure.

  2. Yes I will be more than willing to have nanobots/ nanotechnology injected into my body. Because I have a wrist injury called tendonitis. And I have asthma and I am immunocompromised and I have allergies. And my right arm is longer than my left arm.


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