What Are The First 4 Seals Of Revelation 6? They Are Opening Right Before Our Eyes!

The four seals of Revelation. like most things in that chapter of the Bible, are a topic of much debate. In this video we look at the first 4 seals as they are being opened today, much to the blindness of most of the world.

This was an excerpt from our Sabbath teaching entitled: “How Flags & Colors Help Us To Understand End Time Prophecy & The Timeline To Babylon’s Destruction.”

Here is the link to the original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljz6XUqtUmg.

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  1. All shall be used, both good and evil, for the will of the Most High Abba YAHUAH to be made manifest. USA lost 7 Trillion in these few months of 2022.

    I kept asking in prayer how long will TMH allow these gentiles and pagans to abuse His people for cheap entertainment. I am both excited and disturbed, but will NOT regret asking Him to deliver His people. There is too much abuse and evil. It is time for all to bow to TMH Abba YAHUAH.

    Truth matters and if it shatters facades and kills lies and liars, so be it because it is His will.

  2. Did you ever do a teaching on thr 7 churches in Revelation, as to if they're referring to Hebrews or Gentiles? If so, can you send me the link to that video


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