What did Hitler do before World War 2?

What did Hitler do before World War 2?

April 20th, 1889…one of the world’s most infamous miscreants was born in the newfangled Austro-Hungarian Empire. The son of cousins Alois and Klara, Adolf Hitler’s birth would begin a death sentence for millions across Europe…

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  1. This video is valuable because it gives insight into what millions of Germans were going through.

    While the comparisons between now and then have always driven me crazy, there are parallels that must be considered. Millions of Americans (and Europeans) thrown under the bus by a small group of… um… “the powers that be”. In peacetime most will take it and stick to principle, but in war that stab in the back will EXPLODE. The powers that be should be careful. Even if they don’t care for any of us, they should understand the path they are leading a large portion of the world’s population down and where it ends.

  2. Pretty sure Hitler did join the Austrian army but was rejected because he had medical problems apparently he could not shoot a rifle but germany was in desperate need so he went there I could be wrong though

  3. What happened from 1918 until 1938???
    We got 20 years of Hitler life 🧬 history 📚📖✏️ to cover 📔 still!!!
    How are you going to end 🔚 it at the end 🔚 of World 🌎🌍 War One 🕐🕜 in 1918???

  4. Like all leftist maniacs, Hitler was a failed artist, mentally-ill closet homosexual, and a drug addicted vegan who hated guns and freedom. If that doesn't scream socialist psychopath, I don't know what does.

  5. I don't think your account of Hitler's anti-semitism is entirely accurate. Apparently the political faction he first joined after WW1 was not anti-semitic, but they later merged with another organisation that was. Either Hitler changed his beliefs or he learnt to represent the opinions of other people in order to gain influence.

  6. This is the story of any man who continues to be beaten down by the "other" until he finds others like himself and forms them around an ideology. The story of Hitler, like the story of Stalin, should be used as a warning in a society that repeatedly puts down entire segments of men within their own ranks.

  7. I love these videos, but some serious editing is needed, there's constant misspellings and orthographic errors in these videos. Here at 0:47, the narrator said disciplitarian, when the word is disciplinarian.


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