What did Native Americans do during the Civil War? (Short Animated Documentary)


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What did Native Americans do during the Civil War? They mostly lost. Not in battle as such but in the peace.

Lest We Remember: Civil War Memory and Commemoration among the Five Tribes by Jeff Fortney

“If a War It May Be Called”: The Peace Policy with American Indians by Jennifer Graber

Native Americans and the Civil War by Arrell Morgan Gibson

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  1. My prediction of America's future: America wipes itself out in Civil War II, fought between Democrats and Republicans. Then Native Americans reclaim their land.. 🤔😂

  2. Learning about the Dakota "war" in Minnesota was sickening. During the civil war, they rose up against the Minnesotan and federal government. The insurrection was brutally squashed, causing Lincoln to order the largest mass execution in US history of those who revolted. The rest of the Dakota were rounded up and forced into Fort Snelling which was essentially a concentration camp where hundreds died to disease. They were eventually forced to move into the Dakota territories, and still to this day, there is a law in Minnesota that says Dakota people cannot own land in the state. Truly terrible stuff.

  3. Only issue I have is the color separation of the map. Democrats were the south s d republicans were the north. People forget this.

  4. Huff gasoline and blame all of their misfortunes on white people.

    Sounds like another group of people nowadays (minus the huffing gasoline).

  5. The last Confederate General who refused to Surrender even after Appomattox was a Native American who lived on reservation.

  6. The civil war WASN'T about slavery. It was about keeping the Union together, the emaciation proclamation was to stop England and France from joining the war.
    Btw I'm on the side of the Union, and think the Dixies are treasonous. The north had slaves too and didn't free them untill after the war.

  7. My girlfriend accidentally clicked “dislike” and it said “feedback shared with the creator.” Just letting you know she did not do this on purpose. We very much liked the video.

  8. Mostly get exploited for manpower and then thrust to the sidelines because they're "not American" despite being here first.

  9. They're American Indians. How could they be native to a country that they didn't even have citizenship in until 1921?

  10. As a cherokee we're not too proud of stand watie. His family was responsible for signing the treaty which gave away our land in the east. I live in tahlequah and work just a couple of miles from where his family, the Ridge Party, was murdered for sending us on the Trail of Tears

  11. Never ask a man his salary
    A woman her age
    Native Americans who they assisted during the years 1861-1865

  12. The North Eastern Native Americans were the MOST CIVILIZED and many were Masonic/Quakers aka 1776. The Masonic nation was Union before the Union(1776) and the Algonquin didn’t have slaves like the Iroquois Nation , as probably why the two tribes fought before the white man got here. ✔️ The 30 Algonquin tribes were better people and didn’t believe in slavery. It was always about Peace, Protection and always good business. Wait… We had 4 Anglo Powhatan wars , as rather kill each other then to enslave each other.

  13. Fort Spunky, one of general Watie’s forts is now a playground in the Spunky Creek neighborhood in Catoosa, OK. It’s interesting to visit because although you can’t see much remaining, if you find the right angle through the trees you can find the old mail route to the fort as the pathway is still mostly clear of brush.

  14. Thanks for covering the history of the Civil War in Oklahoma. It’s a theater of the war that’s often ignored, even though over 170 battles and at least 3 major battles took place there.

  15. Black people: We had it the worst!
    Gays: We had it the worst!
    Jews: We had it the worst!

    Native Americans have now entered the chat


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