What do you desire from the Most High? Re-upload 2017

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  1. Make The first Ressurrection and finally get to behold the Messiah and see people I have always heard and read about OM Yah that is going to be the biggest family reunion. My spirit groans inside of me thinking about it.

  2. I come under the delegated AUTHORITY of THE PROPHET ABBA MOREH YAHUDAH CHANOK OF Zion Music Ministry Assembly, Under YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH under YAHUAH TSEVA’OTH!

    Abba YAHUAH is displeased!!!!!
    These LEADERS need to be HUMBLE, and need to be COMING TOGETHER and be SUBJECTED to each other!
    Abba Yahuahs will be done!

  3. Salvation, a close relationship, and for Him to be proud of me during and after my life after I've done His will for me in my life.

  4. URGENT‼️ (Will you hearken to the word of YAHUAH)
    I come under the covering of my esh ABIYAHU and under the delegated AUTHORITY the PROPHET MOREH YAHUDAH CHANOK of ZIon Music Ministries. Who is under YAHUSHA HAMASHIACH The Great YAHUAH TSEBAOTH.

    The leaders of the awakening of Yasharel must BE HUMBLE & REPENT. And become one under the order of YAHUAH’s


  5. can someone help me find the video link to how to rest in Yahuah, watchman mentioned in this video? Thanks in advance!

  6. Doc, i would go into the environment first, then the balance shows how the physical and the spiritual balance must be in place for Him to move.

  7. This was definitely a timely message! I’m going to remain encouraged even when I’m confused about what Abba is doing, I’ll trust in Him always!
    Psalm 62:8!

  8. Thank You Watchman, The Most High is teaching me how to become a Hard Worker instead of just working hard, so with all this focus on building these businesses I feel a greater need for his guidance and direction. It was Yah who is giving me power to gain wealth, and I don't need the devil to take me off focus in seeking YAH'S kingdom first and all these things shall be added. Thank you again Shalom Sir.

  9. I just want to have a relationship with Yahuah. He hearing my voice and I hearing his voice. To be his friend like Avraham.


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