What Does GDP Mean?

The economy is just a series of dots on a graph, but it’s also SO MUCH more than that.

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  1. Then all the billionaires screwing the amount of products being sold and bought; as if I’ll ever get to purchase a yacht 🛥️ or fly on private jets lol fucking indescribable as fuck

  2. I hate modern banking
    For those who know that islamic or Muslim banking is better than any type of banking as you do not pay interest
    Islamic banking insists that the person keeps the money by his side in the form of gold or land or animals.

    It is far simpler

  3. It means gross domestic product, it's anything people think of as gross or nasty that people buy and bring home. I don't like seafood so that's a gross domestic product. Another example of a gross domestic product would be a colostomy bag.

  4. It's true that's why we talk about economies because some are way bigger than others and GDP includes all of that it's not the fault of economy theory it's the fault of the F***** people of every Nation because people of every Nation have the Free will to enhance and improve the possibilities and reality of their territory


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