What happened with Liechtenstein in WW2?

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What happened with Liechtenstein

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  1. It seems like the smaller a country is (and the larger a country is), the less chance it has of being occupied. It's a case of it's so small, we can easily conquer it, so why bother? 🙂

  2. Effectively adding another war front and another, rather powerfull, army to fight. Switzerland would have been a nightmares.

  3. Liechtenstein people protect some russian refugee soldiers and families. Soon after they went to South America saving their lives

  4. Damn that commies,always strip all possesions of any royal family and rich bourgeoisie who are clearly owned,bought and taken care by them,wtf with them

  5. fun fact: switzerland in ww2 was more paranoid than stalin, they literally filled the alps with bunkers, weapons, ammunition, and food in case of a german invasion and had a plan to poison the entire rhine river


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