What Happened with the Christians of North Africa and Levant?

What Happened with the Christians of North Africa and Levant?

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Comment (37)

  1. Islam ☪️ is what happened to it.

    Why can’t people just say that? It’s the truth. Islam eradicated most of the Christians and Jews from that part of the world

  2. There are no taxes on non arabs maybe that happened in some years but when you talk about islamic rules it’s illegal and if a muslim king do that it’s a sin on him because in islam all people are the same black and white , arabs and not arabs ,Chinese russians and all others , second ,the taxes on non muslims in the islamic empire were 7 times less than the byzantin taxes on it’s own people , it rised some years later but it was ok , not that big numbers

  3. Do your research on Egypt the proper way and Jerusalem it already been proven that Arabs What is the descendants of Ethiopian mix with white people in the mist of white people wiping out Jerusalem to destroy the prophecy of a black ruler A.k.a. Jesus and in the mist of all that they taste them out of Jerusalem into eEgypt the Ethiopian descendants which are a Arabs. Then went on to start a religion called Muslim do better research stuff all in all the Racism

  4. the cathlic jusuits by thier own admission created islam to persacute and wipe out any trace of the true followers of christ and the real aramic texts. they have done exactly that. now we only have the catholic approved versions.

  5. Yup Islam erased whole of Christianity from North Africa , Middle East , Central Asia …Zorastrians from Persia , Buddhists from Afghanistan , Hindus from Indonesia & Buddhists from Malaysia

  6. Long live Christianity in Maghreb & Middle East …Long live Jesus in our hearts
    .Stay blessed all my fellow Christian bros & sis from the earliest Christian settlements & kingdoms …Love from India 💞💞

  7. Why nobody speak about the people of Iraq before Islam? I'm talking about the Aramaic-speaking people of southern and central Iraq who lived in the land of "Sawad" which means the green plains of Iraq.

  8. Thank God we don't have the christianity in North Africa and thank God arabs came from Middle East to North Africa to give us the true religion Islam

  9. Let me tell you what happened to the greek and Armenian christians in anatolia(turkey) in 1922.

    They got massacred by the turks.


  10. religion is not a nationality or a race, it is just a conviction of life after death. Among these philosophies, the reason for the decline of Christianity in Syria and Lebanon is the closure and fanaticism and the transformation of the idea of religion into a nationality or race, but in fact more than half of the Christians in Lebanon are converted Muslims.

  11. what happened? Thety became Saints.

    Saint George is from Syria for example.

    The mieddle east in european christian popoular memory is the land of the "christian anscestors"

  12. Homie, “Arab” is not pronounced “AY-Rab”. The ‘A’ is pronounced like ‘Apple’ so,

  13. I grew up thinking I was American Indian then I found out I'm more Levant than anything else. You see turns out my dad is not my biological dad, so now I'm kind of wondering.


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