What happened with the Muslim Majority of Spain?

What happened with the Muslim Majority of Spain?

The history of Spain has been vast and elaborate for centuries. It seems that the sizeable Iberian nation managed to keep itself relevant rather consistently over hundreds of years, and it’s often remembered as a powerful, European, Christian nation. But before the colonial era or the Spanish Inquisition, came the Reconquista – something that was only necessary due to the conquest of Spain by Muslim Arabs and Berbers. Before the Reconquista was the period launched by such invaders – the time of Islamic Spain. But where did the Muslims go? How did Spain become synonymous with Christianity instead?…

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  1. أن يُكتب في نهاية قصتنا
    أن السعي كان في الإتجاه الصائب
    وأن العوض أنسانا ما فقدناه في الطريق

    وأننا أخيرًا ولأول مرة!
    شاهدنا تخيلات كل ليلة مُجسّدة أمامنا
    نلمسها ونبتسم لا نخشي تبخّرها أو تحولها لسراب
    وأن قلبنا صار بمأمن..


    – منار علي

  2. If Spain just united off rip the muslims would’ve been crushed long before also Europe was constantly fighting at this time while Middle East was largely working together

  3. What a bunch of dogshit video… Muslims were more separated than the visigoths ever been when the reconquista happened, there was like tenths of city states fighting and complotting against each other but surprisingly OR NOT u didn't mention any of that + the horrors and persecutions suffered by the muslims after the reconquista (and that's why there is no muslims in today modern spain despite staying there almost 800years ! they all flew away or been slaughtered although muslims were pacific with them, respected other religions and imposed only a tax 'el jezia' to non muslims)

  4. Jews went to the New World and led the Slave Trade and pushed race mixing upon the Spanish Settlers to mix with Indians and Africans they imported into the Spanish Colonies as revenge for being expelled despite the fact they invited the Muslims to invade Iberia in the first place against King Roderick and the Visigoths.

  5. Funny that how or why residents of formerly Visigothic Hispania converted to Islam is swept aside completely. Even though we know EXACTLY how Islam wins its converts, both historically and contemporarily. Nobody will touch that topic. Use of the phrase “indigenous Islam” later in the video says it all.

  6. Sad to to see
    Both constantinople and cordoba fell to their enemies who ended up surpassing their achievements

    The Spanish empire and ottoman empire were some of the largest empires in history

    Although they both fell
    Constantinople was completely destroyed but it managed to get rebuilt and even surpassed its previous splendor while also still keeping alot of its greek population as they were accepted by the ottoman state

    Cordoba didn't get the same fate,the city fell from grace and never achieve the same level of fame and glory every again while the inhabitants of the once illustrious land were driven to extinction and their lands were populated by the invaders from the north
    Many escaping to muslim lands such as north Africa and the ottoman empire, joining the ottoman banner as corsairs reeking havoc across the Mediterranean

  7. First of all. Why the north of Catalonia disappears (Rosselló),? This territory was still part of Aragon until 1659.

    Second of all, the concept of Spain existed as a region, not as a realm (Portugal was included inside that region, because Spain means Hispania). They were two different realms Aragon and Castille, and had different kings until the death of Ferdinand, because he wasn't able to produce a male heir. Ferdinand II of Aragon, after the death of Isabella, tried to have a son with Germain of Foix whom she married when she was 18.

    Disappointed with this video.

  8. They converted back to Christianity, just like they adopted gradually Islam when it was better to do so, the same happened when things reverted to pre Muslim default.

    Also some of the remaining muslims were expelled in 1609.

  9. What happened ? Conversion or expulsion. Some converted and is estimated that around 300.000 were expelled to North Africa from 1603 to 1613. Yet many powerful and landowning families in Andalucia claim some ancient arabic heritage. Like Benjumea surname, that it´s said to come from Ibn Ummayad.

  10. The cristians spaniards were the absolute mahority un muslim spain only a few the so calles moriscos converted to islam; yes it is true after reconquest many muslim converted cristianity It is because of their string cristianity roots as happened turkish Europe ocupation which is why they ending falling

  11. Although the information in general was accurate, the maps were incorrect for 1035. Also, Spain as a political entity, did not come about until the late 15th century with the union of the Crowns of Aragon and Castile and the conquest of the Emirate of Granada. For centuries, there were five kingdoms in the Iberian Peninsula: Portugal, Castile, Navarre, the Crown of Aragon (a confederation of the Kingdom of Aragon, the Catalan counties, Valencia and the Balearic Islands) and the Emirate of Granada.


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