What If You Could Live for 10,000 years? Q&A with Transhumanist Zoltan Istvan

“I’m not saying let’s live forever,” says Zoltan Istvan, transhumanist author, philosopher, and political candidate. “I think what we want is the choice to be able to live indefinitely. That might be 10,000 years; that might only be 170 years.”

Istvan devoted his life to transhumanism after nearly stepping on an old landmine while reporting for National Geographic channel in Vietnam’s demilitarized zone.

“I’d say the number one goal of transhumanism is trying to conquer death,” says Istvan.

Reason TV’s Zach Weissmueller interviewed Istvan about real-world life-extension technology ranging from robotic hearts to cryogenic stasis, Istvan’s plan to run for president under the banner of the Transhumanist party, the overlap between the LGBT movement and transhumanism, and the role that governments play in both aiding and impeding transhumanist goals.

Approximately 10 minutes. Produced by Zach Weissmueller. Camera by Justin Monticello and Paul Detrick. Music by Anix Gleo and nthnl.

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  1. here is the truth. once you have more life you will spend it forever pursuing more. you will live in eternal fear of death the longer you live. this will drive you mad and drive every action you take. you will in the end be a servant of that which you sought to avoid.

  2. The concept of entropy has evoked meaningful philosophical, cognitive and methodological consequences. In the late 80's of the last century, some statements occurred, that the scientific, entropy-based model of the word's functioning is not complete, since it does not take the account of extropy i.e. the most important issue: the role of life and intellect. The study is an attempt to prove the role of the extropy concept in a sustainable development of the society-economy-environment macrosystem in the framework of a knowledge-based society. The main challenge of the future will be to make a choice of the best available concept, method and technology. The process of opening, providing access to and use of knowledge in the organisations will have to become subject to a scientific analysis and generalisation. The impact of knowledge on decision making processes will gradually increase. The target model is to make the decision making processes similar to the natural processes related to life and intellect. According to the assumption of the extropy concept, humans are capable of controlling civilisation development through aiming at a gradually inereasing intellect, wisdom and responsibility. The extropy principles should become a foundation for the economy of sustainable development, the role of which is to create the scientific basis of the development processes which lead to achieving the state of an integrated order.

    Transhumanism is a class of philosophies that seek to guide us towards a posthuman condition. Transhumanism shares many elements of humanism, including a respect for reason and science, a commitment to progress, and a valuing of human (or transhuman) existence in this life. […] Transhumanism differs from humanism in recognizing and anticipating the radical alterations in the nature and possibilities of our lives resulting from various sciences and technologies […].

  3. Interesting if you consider the human body is really just an organic machine there is no real reason why (at some point in the future) those parts that wear out cannot be replaced. The main problem would be the cost so this is something which will only be available to those able to afford it not for everyone.

  4. I strongly suspect that the reason trans-humanism is being pushed as an agenda is because it is more convenient to program a human mind once rather than having to do it every generation. Humanity are already being brainwashed to such an extent as to live in complete opposition to their innate instincts. As an example, we don't have children until an age where it's actually harmful for us and the child, resulting in genetic disorders for the children and potentially fatal strain on the mother. This is contradictory because our instincts (desire to have sex) is observed at puberty. This means that society is railroading humanity down a non-human pathway. This is paradoxical if you act under the assumption that humans rule us. Why would humanity make a world less desirable for themselves; create a world that runs in opposition to what they have co-evolved with as a species? The only reasonable answer is that we're enslaved to a species with greater intellect. The theory of evolution seems to support this in that humanity has again, paradoxically, broken equilibrium with their own habitat. Any non trolls who genuinely know what I'm talking about, please feel free to debate my point of view – for I find it deeply concerning that humans are so gullible, almost like cattle or sheep being led to slaughter.

  5. The religious , the anti-science are those that believe that there are things that live that, don't have normal time frame of life. Every animal and plant has a definite time that is normal to die. When these people try and suggest that the world is over populated the only responsible way to extend the normal life span of man is for them to make a man that does not require food , water or air otherwise, I would say they are lacking concern for the planet they claim to care about. These parasites don't believe in science or nature; they believe in destroying and misleading people for their own reasons which are, always about power. This shit they are spewing is pure nonsense.

  6. Smart as he is, he's still an ignorant stooge repeating lefty talking points – GWB stopped stem cell research for 8 years (foetal – and it's almost irrelevant unless you want to transfuse their blood) Christians think they need to die and go to heaven to be with God – okay, ignorant Christians. In fact the end of Revelation seems a fingerprint match of Transhumanism, with "death and hades" finally being thrown in the fire.

  7. Talk about pie in the sky!!! I thought this Zoltan guy was supposed to be so smart!!! What is his answer to, when his dream comes true, and we all have the right to live forever, and our kids live forever, and their kids live forever, and so on, and so on. It is not sustainable. Dems think there are too many folks on the planet already, that's why they are for abortion, right to die (suicide), and government controlled health care, so they can basically tell you, that you are too far gone, to waste money on you. What is this Zoltan guy thinking?


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