What Is An mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine?

More than 30 biotech and pharmaceutical companies around the world are racing to develop a safe Covid-19 vaccine. The process is moving quickly with several vaccine candidates entering late-stage trials in a matter of months. Two of the companies developing a vaccine — Pfizer and Moderna — are utilizing a promising new technology called messenger RNA. Watch the video to learn why experts believe this vaccination method could be a game-changer for getting back to normal.

CORRECTION At 0:30, this video misstated the number of companies chosen by the White House to receive ‘fast track’ designation from Operation Warp Speed. Vaccine projects from Sanofi, in partnership with GSK, and Novavax also received fast-track status.

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What Is An mRNA Coronavirus Vaccine?

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Comment (26)

  1. I love how no one is talking g about the 2,509 people that were killed by this "vaccine". Number is directly from the cdc website. 4/5/21

    Please save and share to save lives before this comment gets deleted.

    Youtube has several reports on covid-19 infections, blood clots and deaths after taking mRNA vaccines.

    Blood clots can damage your brain, heart and lungs. Long-term complications and death are real possibilities.

    A doctor said that from the observed results of the mRNA vaccines autoimmune disorders, lung, kidney, heart issues can be expected 6-12 months after vaccination.

    The polyethylene glycol layer on the lipid coating of the micro vaccine molecules caused allergic reactions, sometimes going to anaphylactic shock, and death.

    The doctor said that within one week of use the mRNA vaccines already caused an estimated 12,000 deaths and about 25,000 adverse events.

    The ribosomes from patients' cells produced anti-spike anti-bodies that attacked the mitochondria inside our body cell, causing profound fatigue and headache.

    The anti-bodies caused cross-reactions with 28 different tissue types in the body. The protein anti-bodies were also able tocross the blood-brain barrier and attacked 3 tissue types of the brain.

    At least 7 cases of
    facial paralysis, called Bell's palsy, were reported in the weeks after vaccination.

    In one vaccine, at least, the following side effects have been reported"

    injection site pain, 2 days, 3 days
    swollen lymph nodes 12-21%
    systemic fatigue 55%, 79%
    fatigue 69%, few days
    headache 63%
    muscle pain 60%
    joint pain 45%
    chills, fever 12%
    50% side effects within 15 hours
    systemic reactions 7+ days 12%, 37%
    bells palsy in 3 individuals

    Many of the covid-19 vaccines actually have been vaccines developed over the last decade and could not pass safety procedures, but are now being forced on citizens under EUA, Emergency Use Authorization, meaning you will be used as the experimental guinea pig.

    Not mentioned by mainstream media is that coronavirus covid-19 can be cured overnight by any or a combination of the following:

    Supersalts 1 drop in 1 glass water
    Aphrodisia 1 tsp in 1 glass water
    Virgin coconut oil 1 tbsp 3x daily
    2,000 mg fish oil 3-5x daily
    Vitamin C 2,000 mg 5-10x daily
    Zinc supplement
    Vitamin D or 15 minutes of sunshine
    Papaya, pineapple
    Ampalaya or bitter gourd

    and even by dissolving 2 tablespoons of sea salt in 1 glass of water, boiling it and breathing the steam.

    And to those who have none of the above, prayer to Yashua Mashiyach (Jesus Christ to many).


    In the Diamond Princess cruise ship, where coronavirus covid-19 first broke out, there were 3 deaths per 1,000 persons or 0.3% fatality rate. However, these fatalities were all over 70 and were taking hypertension drugs or other pharmaceutical medications, now known risk factors for covid-19. Only 1 in 20 persons showed signs of infection or for all ages 19 out of 20 were immune to the virus.

    This means that you are at risk only if you are over 70 years old and are taking drugs. If you are not over 70 years old and are not taking drugs you have almost no risk of getting covid-19.

    Also, ALL of us have already been naturally immunized since birth of coronavirus because the virus is in 30% of our common colds. It is only in the genome sequence inside the covid-19 virus that they have modified.

    Note that the passengers and crew aboard Diamond Princess cruise ship were exposed to 5G radiation, engaged in close social interaction, dancing close to other pairs at night, sitting side by side in the dining halls, and were breathing almost the same air-conditioned air. This condition is much worse than outside where there is yet no 5G Internet, where the virus is killed by sunlight, heat or salt and where the air is fresh, where most people normally go.

    Now, consider that if you are below 70 you almost have no risk of getting covid-19, and you have to take the mRNA vaccines with the observed risks and side effects:

    blood clots and even immediate death,
    covid-19 infection (yes, covid-19 sometimes appear after vaccination),

    injection site pain, 2 days, 3 days
    swollen lymph nodes 12-21%
    systemic fatigue 55%, 79%
    fatigue 69%, few days
    headache 63%
    muscle pain 60%
    joint pain 45%
    chills, fever 12%
    50% side effects within 15 hours
    systemic reactions 7+ days 12%, 37%
    bells palsy in 3 individuals

    So, if you are below 70 and are not taking drugs why should you risk getting all the above side effects, getting covid-19 and dying early?

    Please save and share to save lives before this comment gets deleted.

    Almost all of us (99.8%) are naturally immune to coronavirus covid-19 because we have been naturally immunized against it since birth by common colds, which is 30% coronavirus, and will only exhibit colds or flu symptoms when infected. About 95% of us will not show symptoms because of this immunity, as shown in Diamond Princess cruise ship, one site of the first two outbreaks.

    So, why are some susceptible to covid-19?

    Diseases and deaths from covid-19 are mainly due to synthetic substances already taken by patients or introduced to patients by doctors as treatment, which, instead, disable the functions of the immune system.

    The covid-19 virus has been modified from the common colds virus in its genome sequence inside the virus, but the spikes outside, which attach to your body cell, are almost the same as those of the common colds virus.

    But for your peace of mind you can prepare for coronavirus covid-19 with natural foods as prevention or cure:

    Aphrodisia–1 tsp in 1 glass water 2-3x daily, prevents the virus that has successfully entered a body shell from replicating itself,
    Supersalts–1 drop in 1 glass water 2-6x daily for 5 days, kills the virus in the bloodstream and inside the cell,
    (Both Aphro and Supersalts may be combined in 1 glass water)

    Virgin coconut oil–1 tbsp 3x daily, dissolves the fatty shell of the virus,

    Fish oil–2,000 mg 3x daily, dissolves the fatty shell of the virus,

    Ampalaya (bitter gourd) juice–1/2-1 cup 3x daily, boosts the immune system; prevents the virus from attaching to a body cell,

    Zinc supplement–20 mg 2-6x daily, prevents the virus that has already successfully entered a body cell from replicating itself,

    Vitamin C–(prevention 500 mg 3x daily) at 2,000 mg or more, 10-20x daily kills the virus and neutralizes the toxins produced by the virus, and so prevents cytokine storm or septic shock,

    Vitamin D–or 15 minutes sunshine, boosts the immune system, prevents cytokine storm and septic shock,

    Papaya, pineapple–dissolve the protein spikes of the virus,

    Melatonin–boosts the immune system, enables the repair of cells damaged by the virus,

    (Signs of vitamin mineral overdose is nausea, headache and tendency to vomit, in which case skip or reduce the next dose.)

    Drink plenty of water.

    Sleep 8 hours at night in a quiet, dark room.

    When infected, don't eat cooked or processed foods. Instead, eat only fruits and raw, fresh vegetables, shredded, blendered or juiced. If no money to buy the above items, take 2 tablespoons sea salt and boil in 2 cups water and breath the steam.

    When infected, and are able, you can also fast, drinking only water or drinking also not too sweet fruits and vegetables like watermelon, papaya juice, pineapple juice, bitter gourd ampalaya or wheatgrass and barley grass juice.

    Avoid cooked, processed and synthetic foods and substances during treatment period because they will interfere with immune system functions and will only prevent it from getting rid of the virus.

    Pray to Yashua Mashiyach (Jesus Christ to many) for healing.


    The following conditions or foods prevent your immune system from getting rid of the virus:


    Cooked or processed foods

    Processed sugars

    Pork and hydrogenated oils and fats

    Sometimes the following will cause blood clots, septic shock, brain damage, lifetime nerve or muscle disability or death.

    Aborted fetus tissue or aborted babies

    Tissues of diseased animals monkeys, pigs, chicken, rabbit

    Poisons (even in small amounts) such as mercury or thimerosal , lead, aluminum

    Polyethylene glycol

    Formaldehyde or formalin that is used in embalming and even in highly diluted form caused pneumonia and bronchitis in all injected animals and destorys the pancreas, liver, peritoneal fat, Fallopian tubes, etc. (https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19866982/)

    Enzyme Nagalase, a protein excreted by cancer cells and viruses in the body. It prevents the naturally-occurring immune booster, Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor (GcMAF), from being produced (https://www.liebertpub.com/doi/abs/10.1089/aid.2006.22.262, https://jneuroinflammation.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/1742-2094-11-78)

    mRNA anti-bodies, attack the inner lining of the mitochondria, 28 tissue types in your body and 3 tissue types in your brain,

    lipid coating of mRNA, causes profound allergic reactions, sometimes leading to anaphylactic shock, even death.


  5. If the govt says i have to take it because it's for my own good, I tell the govt to kick rocks. I'll die on this hill. But actually since the the mortality rate is 0.0000007 (new CDC numbers) for people ages 19-49, ill be just fine.

    for hazardous journey, possible job loss, no international travel, anti-vaxer labels, unable to go to the supermarket, loss of friendships, survival and intact immune system in case of success
    R. U. Aweik 4 Burlington st.

  7. Does anyone else think this experimental vaccine is actually going to predispose everyone to future lab grown virus so they can hold the world hostage? Why not just make a traditional vaccine? They've had over a year to do it. They don’t have any trouble putting out a new vaccine for regular old flu every year. Yet somehow this experimental technology is the only way to do it? Sounds awfully suspicious to me and I’m not putting that in my body.

  8. According to a lot of geneticist there's a reason why they don't produce vaccines this way and it's never been approved from what I've heard reason why they don't do it this way is because it can actually start to shut down other organs in your body I for one will be one of the last ones to probably take any vaccine just to see what the side effects are cuz I'm generally a person that doesn't get sick at all I can walk into a room with a hundred people that have the flu and probably be the only one that walked out and never gets it I have a very high immune system so I never was nor will be concerned about the Coronavirus my recommendation to anyone that considering taking any one of these vaccines is please do your research before you consider taking and good luck

  9. Lately i been feeling real good and thankful i finally beat the herpes virus with the help of natural roots and herbs supplement i ordered from Dr.ademiso   on youtube

  10. never heared that it functionates .But on ghida or gout it also must not be given. It must be treated otherwise first.
    what an nonsense about mRNA. mRNA blockes t4 helper cells and produces T8 organ -destroying auto antigen
    and this antibodies against organism , then it is ex with the poor mouse. This mouse has then much pain.

  11. government. break their necks to try and save people's lives by taking the jab,
    take the jab, take the jab, take the jab. on the other hand, they don't give a sh-t if
    you die from eviction, being poor, can't afford to keep warm, stopping your benefits,
    starvation, cancer, and much more. I believe something sinister is taking place.


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