What is Brain Computer? | 10 Startups That Invest In The Brain-Computer Interface

What is Brain Computer?
Brain-computer interface (BCI) is a collaboration between a brain and a device that enables signals from the brain to direct some external activity.

10 Startups That Invest In The Brain-Computer Interface

From devices for augmented reality and new forms of entertainment to technology applied to rehabilitation and medicine, here are the projects in the field.

1. Neuralink

Among the main actors of this scene is Neuralink, the startup created in 2016 by the visionary founder of Tesla, Elon Musk.
who works on the creation of microprocessors to be implanted in users’ skulls and able to receive impulses directly from neurons and transmit them to an external computer connected via wireless.

2. Kernel

Born explicitly to develop neural interfaces, Kernel is a company created in 2016 in Los Angeles by Bryan Johnson, former founder of the PayPal division, Braintree.

For his research on BCI, Johnson himself has invested in Kernel 100 million dollars.

3. Neurable

The leading company in research on communication systems between brain and machine is Neurable.
The company, founded in 2015, has raised 2 million dollars in investment.

4. Synchron

The implementation of brain capacity thanks to the development of computer-brain interfaces is also at the centre of research by the Synchron company.
The US Department of Defense, in turn, engaged in research on BCI interfaces in the military.

5. Facebook
Facebook is also one of the big investments in interfaces between the brain and the computer.
Dedicated to language and translating them into text without users uttering a single word.

6. Ctrl-labs

Pioneering in its research on brain-machine interfaces, the Ctrl-labs startup was founded New York in 2015, and in three different rounds of investments, it has come to collect $ 67 million from companies like GV.

7. BrainCo

BrainCo, on the other hand, is looking towards an expansion of cerebral possibilities thanks to brain-machine interfaces. Founded in Boston in 2015, the company develops wearable devices.

8. Mindmaze

The medical field, Mindmaze, founded in Lausanne in 2012, is a company that deals with the production of neural interfaces and 3D viewers mainly used for rehabilitation functions.

9. NeuroSky

Among the now historic manufacturers of wearable devices that function as interfaces between brain and computer to monitor brain activity is NeuroSky.
The company founded in 2004 in Silicon Valley.

10. BioBeats

The company BioBeats has developed between London and Italy, which develops digital products capable of interacting with the human brain and monitoring the progress of waves and brain impulses.

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