What is freewill, Good n Bad? Ask Watchman

What is freewill, Good n Bad? Ask Watchman

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  1. Yo Brother Watchman! What's your take on soul winning? Many churches have been to porches knocking on people doors and telling them the gospel and stuff like that. But they ain't come to the whole truth and made better followers of the Most High, and following his laws, statues and commandments. I've tried to reach out to friends, family, cousins and folk from church by using my testimony, but I wanna seek easier ways other than my testimony. Is there an easy way to win souls to the Most High?

  2. I am so Thankful to watchman and Sis for the Extra Time they have giving us on theses Shabbat Days.

  3. I will say this I've been following this brother and sister for like a month or two and I must say this brother has a very very intelligent wife that has a "voice" of a teacher. She is someone who dissects the details of topics. Not taking anything away from the brother I love his studies in fact I been getting other people to follow him and his documentaries. If it wasn't for them to shed more truth about our history as Israelites I probably wouldn't believe it because of the way the "Street Israelites" teach things and the way they have the "12 tribes chart" but the brother broke it down of why that 12 tribe chart is false. I thank him for that because at first I thought it was false teachings and prophet's…….thankyou

  4. These are really some blessed teachings. I thank you both for your time, energy, love and your live for Yah. HalleluYah

  5. shalom watchman and again thank you for another informative message this is so true.everything you teach .I can so relate to these topics .thank u for sharing and giving your time and effort.

  6. I want to know about the third eye and I have studied or watched others from many points of view and did some research that I immediately had me look in to the bible to see if its ok to do. I have prayerfully asked for guidance and from what I got left me confused because you see most people who are Christian say they get visions and other stuff that according to the commandments go agents the rule of god. But other people who are Christians I Hurd eather they are one with the universe, god, etc. But others experience demons to the point of fear. I believe fear is lack of faith and that god put the "third eye to communicate with us. But here is the problem. We got people like illuminati etc and fluoride and other chemicals and gmos that other country's band. And America is noticeably waking up to the "control" if the devils and Satan doesn't want us to do this to "get closer to god" then why are is this happening? people opening the eye and not appearing evil but that there are people who do in fact actually use this knowledge for evil. I'm a Christian but in my research I think with science as well and understand that I need to watch what could be dangerous. But I don't think it is evil and I have not read the bible as much as I have and I got answers I am still contemplating. I also Hurd u can open this eye not just by oom which is the universal sound of "god" according to metaphysics and oom is practiced by many nations and religions from Egypt to Asia and what confused me is in the bible Jesus as a baby was born and was told to flee to Egypt because someone wanted to kill the profit and failed. It would make send that meditation and Jesus and the fact the third eye was more open during that time in most people not like today with calcification. I think with science that maybe the melatonin causes live dreams rather then spirit realm gate. But I don't want to jump in to meditating on gods word and go agents god. There is all kinds of theory's and basicly if you open the third eye you wont just see demons and yes you become sensitive to energy's but you can evade them and supposedly talk to a spirit guide but it said in the bible to try them for they may be demons but with both metaphysics and science your only susceptible to demons if ur on the same frequency as them and if u meditate your range can get high enough where u only see true angles or heal people and cast out demons seven DNA repair, etc. It can compare to demon hunter pacifist (Jesus) and even witches at once. I listened to brain waves and I noticed I was able to learn from beginning of a language to almost advanced in 3months and I'm amazed by how fast I picked it up. But this all ties in to third eye practices. In my heart I don't think its bad tho but I don't have the power to judge.


    The next time you come across the people trying to establish their own religion to command a following for financial reason by DEFACING the name of Jesus at the behest of satan, just read the article below:

    Question: "Does the name ‘Jesus’ actually mean ‘Hail, Zeus’?"

    Answer: There are several strange and misleading teachings that make their rounds concerning the name of God and of Jesus Christ; one such false doctrine is the idea that the name of Jesus actually means “Hail, Zeus.” Promoters of this bizarre concept claim that anyone who uses the name Jesus is offering praise to a false god and is not saved. They go so far as to say a person must use only the Hebrew name for Jesus, since there is only one name by which we can be saved (Acts 4:12).

    First, we will explain the “Jesus-means-hail-Zeus” theory, the best we can. Then we will look at what the truth of the matter from a biblical perspective.

    Those who teach that the name Jesus means “Hail, Zeus” usually start with the name of God, YAH (see Isaiah 26:4, NET). From that name of God, they take the Messiah’s name to be YAHSHUA, which they say means “YAH Is Salvation.” They contend that is the name used by the apostles and by the Messiah Himself; however, after the apostles were dead and gone, the Roman Church took over Christianity. In order to make their brand of religion more palatable to the pagans, the Roman leaders changed the name of the Messiah into a Greek/Latin hybrid, Iésous, which (supposedly) means “Hail, Zeus.” Since Zeus (or Jupiter) was the chief god in the Greco-Roman pantheon, the pagans had little trouble accepting this new demigod. By changing the Savior’s name, Christianity had been effectively stripped of its Hebrew roots, and the melding with paganism was a success. The Greeks’ savior could still be Zeus. In time, the word Iésous was further corrupted into Jesus in English.

    As “proof” for their conspiracy theory that Jesus means “Hail, Zeus,” advocates point to the fact that the second syllable of Jesus (-sus) sounds similar to the name of the chief Greek god. Especially when Jesus is pronounced in Spanish, it becomes “evident” that people are “actually” saying “Hey, Zeus.” Added to these “proofs” is the fact that ancient sculptures of Zeus show him with a beard—just like modern-day pictures of Jesus!

    What can we say to such far-fetched nonsense? First, not everyone who has a beard is trying to take the place of Jesus. Second, just because a certain word or word part sounds like another word is no proof of commonality. Basing theories of word origin on pronunciation is preposterous. Humorous sounds exactly like humerus, but there’s nothing particularly funny about the bone that goes from the shoulder to the elbow. Third, the Messiah’s Hebrew name is Yeshua, not Yahshua—the latter being a fabrication in order to make the name sound more like YAH.

    Fourth, the Hebrew name Yeshua translates into Greek as Iésous. This is the name that the angel Gabriel commanded Joseph to name Mary’s child: “You are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21). The name Jesus is a simply a Greek form of Joshua, a common name among Jews. The same verse also alludes to the meaning of the name: the Lord was to be named Jesus because “he will save his people from their sins.” The name Jesus means “The Lord Saves” or “The Lord Is Salvation.” Whether you spell it Jesus or Jesu or Joshua or Yeshua, the meaning stays the same, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with Zeus.

    Names can and do translate. Changing a name from one language to another does not change the meaning of the name, nor does it change the character or identity of the person. Elizabeth becomes Elixabete, Isabella, Zsoka, or Eliska, depending on the language. But she remains the same girl. A man named Stephen can be called Stephanos, Stefan, Estevao, Teppo, or Estebe, depending on where in the world he is. But he is the same person, regardless of what we call him. Similarly, Jesus and Yeshua refer to the same Person—and it’s not Zeus.

    We use the name Jesus, an Anglicized transliteration of the Greek, because Greek is the language that Matthew and Mark and Luke and John wrote their Gospels in and because English is the language we speak. The best translation of Iésous into modern English is “Jesus.”

    Part of Timothy’s work as a pastor was to “command certain people not to teach false doctrines any longer or to devote themselves to myths” (1 Timothy 1:3–4). Paul was concerned that “such things promote controversial speculations rather than advancing God’s work—which is by faith” (verse 4). Conspiracy theories and myths regarding the etymology of Jesus’ name are distractions from the true work of God. We should not pay any heed to claims that the name Jesus means anything but what Scripture says it means: “The Lord Saves.

    Sorry, I am unable to credit the above article, for, the person I lifted it from did not say where he got it.

  8. get my sister some glasses, hate to see her squinting even though she sees the Word better than me! See what I did? lol yah bless I love yall!!

  9. 😆📣Yo! Ha Lol! No Deborah Yah did not just say that. Lol! Imagine people out here trying to smoke crack talking about the Most High made me do it. Wow! Talking about running with it. 😂


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