What is the Church? The Assembly of the righteous

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  1. I've left the Christian Church fearful of the apostasy but I feel a desert of loneliness. Our Messiah said the gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church., also, greater is He that is in you than he who is in the world…

  2. Thank you so much for your broadcast. I just left a church, recently. I always listen to my Spirit. There was so much going on in the church. The Spirit just kept guiding me to not join another church, but to sit still and heal my spirit. All of my joy had been stolen from me while a member of this church. I was treated badly, and couldn't figure out why. I have gifts that God has bestowed upon me and I have used all of them for the benefit of others. I am not alone even though I am without those who feel or think as I do when it comes to Yahuwah but I know that I AM.

  3. Great Teaching, very informative. I am still learning, I learn something new from each scripture and through your old and new videos. ALL Praises to Yahuah and Yahusha. May he continue to bless and protect you and your family. 🙏🏿❤️

  4. I feel it will be a time beleivers wont be able to depend on religous books but only hearing the voice of elohim eloheinu!!! Sorcery for laat 5 years such a the writer of harry potter rewrote bible n now buddism mixed with bible. N9 discriminayion but the church is greater in you in the world!! To know The creator is to know inself for yahuah dosent dwell in temples made by handss

  5. The kind of understanding I have about what the Hebrew Israelites is that not all „the white man“ is the devil.It just so happens that the leading race that causes Mayhem,rasism, poverty and capitalism in this world is the white man.The truth is that the white folk themselves are also misleading their own people.That‘s the other upside down situation.I am from Namibia and grew up in Apartheid just like in South Africa.We never really hated white folk,but they hated us first.I grew up all my life thinking that white folks are better than us or they treated us that way.Through my y dna Test I learned that my father‘s father‘s ancestors were mostly all West African from up there just like African Americans.E1b1a7 or E-U186.In my experience my family was always welcoming to white folk including me,but there was always that feeling they gave me that they are not so welcoming or making us feel inferior.There is indeed a common denominator about white folk about their behaviour.I recently realise or got this, is that the Most high doesn’t care what race you are from.He only cares whether a person will accept the Truth or not regardless of what he or she has done.Indeed the acknowledgments from leading white elites about the true people that God was speaking to in the Bible is a problem.Because that‘s where their pride and racism kicks in.Even common white folk have this problem.That‘s the Truth I am talking about.White folk will never support or have solidarity with us.The problem is that people have a problem with the Truth.Anybody for this matter has a problem with the truth,but I don‘t care because I have my journey to take care of.And yeah the way I see it Yahusha was never politically correct.

  6. Shalom. I think I’ve commented on one of your videos, but I watch all the time. I am a gentile grafted in as of about 2 1/2 years or so now. Yah used your video which name is it to help wake me up. I understand where you’re coming from about the churches, as I have continued to try to tell my mom the same thing, but she won’t hear it. The church is the people not the buildings. Even Mark 13 verses 1 and 2 say so, when the disciples were marveling at the buildings and showing them to Yahusha. He said all these stones will be knocked down and not a snow will be left unturned. Just proof that He doesn’t care about these buildings.

  7. Praise YAHUAH 🙌🏽. Another timely message; YAHUAH is always on time 🙌🏽. Yes, we must always be on guard and a lot of assemblies seem to be draining as they are seemingly full of narcissistic spirits. Shabbat Shalom ♥️

  8. I enjoyed the Teaching, I have a question I hear this said are we Israel by faith because we fell from grace through sin and now had to be redrafted back in by Faith making us Israel by faith now.

  9. You look really beautiful today Sister Deborah…I also really love this topic and its so needed to be discussed between Israel. We are walking in the flesh and the Ruach is not within. Im set apart from a congregation because I havent found one yet…that are walking in the Ruach and most dont believe in IT. They are just content with knowing who we are or just content with knowing Torah is our history. Im praying for our people!

  10. I was just at a service for our residents at work and the apostle creed was read and at the very end of the creed it said, "We believe in the holy Catholic Church". I said to myself the Devil is a liar! People truly don't know what the church really is and they better be aware of what kind of Creed's they are partaking in!!

  11. Please do a scriptural study of the term glory. Etymology search that is. Otherwise a very beautiful song family. Iron sharpens iron.

  12. Im glad you you spoke about this bc I am new in this truth and I came from a “sanctified” church and I am well aware of the infilling and baptism but as I came across Hebrews who explained it as not of Yah so I put it in the shelf. In my heart I knew the infilling and being filled with the Ruach is powerful and of The Most High! So thank you 🙏🏾 Shalom

  13. Church is in your heart,the building is supposed to be dedicated to yah,I believed you supposed to respect yahs house,its good to fellowship with believers in yah.

  14. @ jason benson please forgive me for my young zeal & mal-judgement. I tuned in later & misunderstood you 😩& TMH convicted my ruach 😢. I pray you continue in the faith. Know that I pray🙏 for you & all the saints 😇of YAH, & pray 🙌the RUACH come upon you & all who ♥ love, & desire to do the will of YAH.

  15. Thank you, thank you. Since I have come out of a "mega church" and started walking in the truth, I would sometimes feel bad that I wasn't going to church. We begin to fellowship with friends that left the church as well and have been at peace.

  16. I know this is off topic but something was brought to my attention just the other day .. google is saying that the Greek form of the Hebrew name Yeshua is Jesus.. is this true are is it more deception being pushed ???

  17. Amen Shalom. Beautiful lesson from Yah. We are the Assembly. Yah is coming back for his people not a building that many are attending faithfully but have not Yah's spirit in it.

  18. YouTube suppresses channels like these. So support them by letting the ads play. It's a max of like 30 seconds….go use the bathroom or something. Anything, just let them play. It helps.

  19. Praise Yah!!!! I thank him for your teachings…all of them!! Praise Yah for having mercy on us all!


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