What is the Tribulation Period and when does it take place? Part 1

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  1. Go In The Kitchen Get A Fork Pull Your Ear Down And Get Them Demons Out Of Your Head That Are Deeply Rooted Then Your Hair Will Grow

  2. Shalom Family,

    I don't know if you are still having issues with your live stream, but if you do and it is ISP or internet related I maybe able to help you troubleshoot it.

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  4. I'm kinda glad the chat is done away with from your videos. It used to be so disconcerting. You guys always teach with such clarity, sincerity, and truth, but the chat was not always matching the beauty of the word you were delivering. Shabbat shalom and thank you for teaching an on-time word!

  5. When we are obedient to Yah. HE will quicken our spirits to keep us aware of the "time". So the "snare" doesn't take us by surprise. We have to be so tuned in with HIS Ruach to hear HIM. Shabbath Shalom family.

  6. This was very enlightening! Thanks. I look at it like this : Jacob's trouble Is YAHs judgment upon the Israelites. The great tribulation is YAHs judgment upon the gentiles for causing Jacob so much trouble.

  7. Hey, Watchman, and family…. I would like to ask: Where do y'all get your clothing (the men and women clothing)??? Also, your necklace that says YAH…


  8. Verses 20-23, Jesus told the disciples of the coming invasion of Jerusalem and how the Israelites will flee from their land; and it happened exactly like that in AD 130 when Vespasian finally sacked Jerusalem and killed thousands of Israelites. An estimated number of 1,000,000 Israelites fled into the interior of Africa…
    Since then, they've not returned to their land.

    Verse 24a is literally talking about the slave trade, which would happen after they fled from their land.
    They were taken captive into all nations…Australia, South and North America, parts of Europe, while a huge number remains in Africa.
    They're still in their lands of captivity till date.

    But 24b to the last verse there hasn't happened yet.

    We should also look at it from this perspective.

  9. The children need a microphone by them when they sing and read the scriptures. I can't hear them.

  10. If it cause me my life standing up for righteous serving The Most High, so be it! I love The Father Yah because He loves me. Yahusa died for me and bought me into a relationship with Father Yah, Halleluyah!!!

  11. I think prerecording would be a good idea not only because of the technical problems, but for the sake of not creating, or doing work on the Sabbath.


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