What is your biblical theory on the U.F.O's being chariots of Yah? Ask Watchman

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  1. My friend believes Christ will come back in a UFO. Which I strongly disagree with. I believe UFOs could possibly be used for "The Great Deception". I doubt Christ will need an UFO. He truly will be riding a horse in my opinion. Which I doubt is symbolic or metaphoric for an UFO. Like many people may believe.

  2. There is a prohibition against creating anything seen in heaven, or under the earth. Maybe the ones we call demons are the aliens. The angels have always talked to us and the prophets are always teaching the masses as well as the kings and nobles, the demons always work with the system and affect the masses through policy from the nobles or the system from behind closed doors. There is a series of crop circle from the 1980's in which several metal discs were found buried in the crop circles on them was a long inscription with a diagram of a satellite and what looks like instructions, the discs are made from pure forms of gold, sliver and bronze; within a couple years SETI was built and sent out a signal containing information about earth, us as a species and other information, the response came in the form of a message and a picture telling us to beware of the deceivers in a crop circle cut in binary code partially inlaid into the crop picture of the the alien grays, they said it would be much pain but still time. Another occurrence was the interruption of a small radio broadcast and a foreign entity spoke for a significant amount of time.

  3. what are you views of The Annunaki? I Dont know if this is the correct place to pose the question..

  4. originally real you hit the nail in the coffin this chariots are nothing but demons falling angels disguised as angels of light n you say it the "great deception"

  5. Aliens are nothing but demons disguise as angels of light dont be deceived by satan this evil people teaching this false doctrine wow"the great deception" stupid people

  6. I have always thought ufo and the beings in it were demons in physical form. I had a strange dream were the negative/ evil force appeared as aliens.

  7. When you saw a demon and say it looked like an alien, do you mean the big black eyed grey looking little guys?

  8. Bro do you live in philly an if so WHERE DO U HOLD SERVICE … i am part of the Elect like yourself So i have a hard time findind A Mentor or evem A Church

  9. There's no such thin as demons falling angel's or anything those things were created by Greek mythology an other mythical cultures there are bad spirits from heathens that's dead here on earth till the dad comes but they're not some fake grey, or horned creatures


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