What Joe Biden’s Victory Means For The Economy

President-elect Biden is set to take office during one of the worst economic crises in history, mostly spurred by the spread of the coronavirus. The former Vice President’s Build Back Better economic plan will focus on green infrastructure, manufacturing, income inequality, access to education, health care and more. All of that, however, comes second to his plan to get the virus under control. Watch the video to see how Biden hopes to turn the economy around and what stands in his way.

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What Joe Biden’s Victory Means For The Economy

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Comment (41)

  1. Biden already took away a million jobs the pipeline alone an is bringing in immigrants for us to feed an give ins to lieing biden taking us down while protecting himself an his son from extorting money from other cuntrys

  2. I'm so impressed with the job Biden is doing so far – the unemployment is on the rise, the pandemic is worse than ever, gas prices are up, and China's economy is rebounding faster than expected. Great job Joe! Let me sum it up – All empty promises with NO PLAN!

  3. Why do we need infrastructures when Biden already gave the Chinese communists government our manufacturers, our oil and engegy industries, and our national securities in form of open borders.
    Infrastructure will not bring back our manufactures or our oil industries back. It only gives more money for the Democractic to build a deep state.
    The Chinese communists government attacked us last year with the WuHan virus and biden done nothing to help instead he and his democratic party used the virus to destroy Trump economy.

  4. America, don't go baby steps by raising minimum wages, why not just go directly to communism which would solve all social issues. Without working hard, everyone can enjoy a good life.

  5. Now he’s saying the Obama economy recovery wasn’t as good as they lied about about in the campaign. Hmm his Bb Barry didn’t do a good job? Toss BHO under the bus… we’ll they both are killing the economy with regulations. Look what happened when trump lifted regs and lowered taxes.. 35-40% growth!!! Go figure

  6. What a Fk`n joke …. Hows that wind energy plan for Texas going you fk`n moron. Demacrap = Failure on every level! When you go from the producers to the regulators its a guaranteed LOSS!!! American Tax payers your Gov`t, your President and your media are against you. DON`T FORGET IT!!!!

  7. The blind don’t care that Biden said he’s running for the Senate…or that he forgets where he is…and the blind are willing to let this man Biden be in charge of the nuclear football!!! Unbelievable! Your votes have consequences! It has been said that the people get the government they deserve…and they will indeed.

  8. Man this video was set to be doomed the moment it was created.

    Let’s remember before this global pandemic AMERICA was “great again” our economy was booming and things where fine. But under any democrat our country cannot maintain BOOMING ECONOMIC GROWTH. Tack into account the pandemic, he was purely elected on changing America’s approach towards this pandemic.
    But after the four years are over after this pandemic ends their is no way he can help our economy not with the policies SO AGGRESSIVELY advocated amongst Democrats.

  9. Given the perilous condition of the American economy, it is flabbergasting that Biden would even consider killing so many jobs, yet that is exactly what he has done and continues to do.

  10. "The Economy Accelerated Before Stimulus Hit, Undermining Biden’s Narrative" 15 March 2021
    President Joe Biden is facing a pandemic challenge he never anticipated: an economy that is much stronger than forecast.

    Biden ran against Trump in part on the idea that the White House’s alleged mishandling of the pandemic had unnecessarily damaged the U.S. economy. He took office predicting the months ahead would be a “dark winter” and successfully pushed for $1.9 trillion of emergency spending to ward off a second downturn.

    Now Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are setting out on a nationwide tour to tout the spending package. The challenge they face is that the economy is recovering too quickly for them to be able to credibly claims credit for the expansion later.

    The economy was outperforming expectations even before Biden took office. Indeed, a misunderstanding about how the U.S. calculates economic growth and how most of the rest of the world does led some Democrats—including Biden himself—and mainstream media broadcasters to claim, falsely, that the U.S. economy was weaker than Europe’s. In fact, it was stronger. GDP fell by 6.8% in the Eurozone last year and just 3.5% in the U.S.

    In the final quarter of 2020, the difference was even more pronounced. The Eurzone’s economy contracted for the fourth consecutive quarter while the U.S. economy expanded at an annualized rate of 4.1 percent, the second consecutive quarterly expansion.

    So far this year, the economy’s performance and outlook have improved significantly. Job gains accelerated in February and the weakness initially reported in January was revised away. Retail sales have outperformed expectations, boosted in part by the $600 relief payments authorized by the Trump administration. The housing market is booming, enriching homeowners and creating jobs. Manufacturing activity is accelerating. The stock market is at record highs.

    There are many reasons for the outperformance. The Fed has successfully convinced markets that it will hold rates down even if the economy recovers more quickly than expected. The Trump administration’s policies left states room to experiment with the level of restrictions placed on businesses. Despite bitter partisan divides, Congress and the White House enacted billions of dollars of relief last year. And, perhaps most importantly, the U.S. consumer never really retreated into a protective crouch that can exacerbate economic downturns.

    Whatever the cause, it complicates the narrative that the Biden administration wants to sell to the country now and when the midterm elections come around next year. It’s tough to convince the public that you rode to the rescue of an economy that has been growing at a rapid pace six months before you took office. But that is what Biden and Harris are going to attempt in the coming weeks.

  11. Oh puhleeeeeeze. Biden's policies or more to the point the policies of those who are pulling President Houseplant's strings is going to lead to a complete financial collapse the likes of which this country has never seen.

  12. How about your messing up Trucking firms and Independent Truckers by Hiking Up Up fuel prices! Equals higher cost at Grocery/Big box Stores! You are doing great job
    of hurting the Lower and Middle Class!

  13. Hahahaha ! What a laugh !! an economic disaster is what we should expect with a man that can't even hold a news conference, it took him 65 days to come up with that bull? and still he did not know what was on the notes, are you kidding me? That's a President of one of the strongest nation? Look forward to living like a 3rd world nation people because that is what they have plan for us.

  14. Luckily this comment section is not so messed up, like the other videos 😀
    So many people arent even well enough educated to understand WHAT Biden is doing for them.


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