What Name is it? Jehovah, YHWH, Yah, Yahweh, Yahuwah, Jesus, Yahshua, Yeshua, YAHAWASHI

I have been getting a lot of people requesting that I do a teaching on the name. There’s a lot of confusion concerning which name to use. Should we continue to call on the name Jesus? Is it necessary to know the correct name of the Father? Does all this even matter? Which name is correct? YHWH, Yahweh, Yah, Jehovah, Yehovah, Yahuwah, Yahuweh, God, Lord, Yahuwah, Yahushua, Yahshua, Jesus, Iesous, ahyah asher ahyah, Jeshua, Yeshua, YAHAWASHI, Yehushua, Jehoshua, Yehowshuwa

Christians are saying one thing and Hebrew Israelites are saying another. All of these questions are answered in the teaching.

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  1. I listened to your video and it was very interesting to me.. I love to learn.. A few days ago I was on youtube and this name popped up.. The name was different but anyway it seems that you are educated. Can you please inform me and others of what you know of Maitreya or anything of it. Who is he and what is he. I am egar to learn all True..

  2. Can you please post the names of the two bibles that you have recommended to get and where I can find them? Thank you
    I am seeking the truth with all my heart and I know that the so called Africa American is not Africa at all, but is indeed Hebrew (the people of the book) taking from West Africa. Please help me to understand better, thank you

  3. Shalom brother you are so right. Praise be to Yah and blessing to you and your family,you are lovely teacher lead by the Ruach Hakodesh. keep up the great work Shabbat Shalom

  4. Before we found out who we are we need to really find out who"s our Heavenly Father is : "UNITY", "SPIRIT" and "LOVE" until we learn and practice those three , we only pretending doing something righteous. But what this idea make us doing more is nourishing our carnal mind by finding in other excuse for more hate and more war.
    Yahweh's House is revealing Yahweh's Truth in the Last Days, so Satan's power of deception is diminishing. There is only One Way to Salvation and that is through repentance and conversion. In that way, only, will you have Right to the Tree of Life that Satan and her false prophets have cut mankind off from for almost 6000 years. Promised Protection and Blessings come with service to

  5. I disagree… some where in he book of palms he was proposing and creating the marriage fantasy and said to whom he was proposing to that they shall have many names.

  6. Your name for God is merely the sound of breathing, as you inhale, then exhale. You tithe seeking pastors are stealing money from all humanity. Why should we pay inferior people whom have no power over our lives? We are all sons & daughters of God. Children of the society of the universe. Why do not you earn to live your own life instead of baffling all of us children of God with your bullshit? Your words stink like shit. All real people can perform godlike deeds. We just need to flush your shit back to hell 1st. Dao ism and following The Way, is the true way. We can see thru your lies, false religions, and wealth stealing. The 2 true wrongs that destroy humanity are both religion and politics. You cannot see the Light. Why corrupt those who do?

  7. Please kindly relish the bible that you use, and the book shown. I keep the Sabbath now, and try my best. However I am always open to suggestions, as I am an imperfect human being. Please send me links to find other true israelites, and resources for learning to better be obedient to Yah. Thank you.

  8. Powerful video brother, thank you very much. You are a good teacher.
    I like this kind of production, very professional. My complements to the editor as well.

    "Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name." …… what name ????? …… and the discussions were on.

    NO NO NO, my Most High is NOT a deceiver, so HIS instructions would be of the true kind and could not have been corrupted by the mother of all harlots. But this deceiver could not resist to make some changes here and there, thus deceiving the whole world.
    BUT ….. my Most High already knew that, so he placed HIS chosen people in the most wicked of places to cleanse themselves of their transgressions against the Most High. And these chosen people were confronted with strange holy scriptures the White men forced on them. The majority of these chosen people looked liked they were high on something else other then …… the Most High.
    BUT …. some of them were finally awaken, by the Most High, as from a deep sleep. And studying those so called holy white scriptures, realizing the instructions were tempered with. But how could THEY know ….. BECAUSE the Most High placed the instructions also in the harts of HIS chosen YAHUDA tribe as part of the OIL to decipher this deception of Satan.

    Praise Ye who? …… YAH,  ……. Yes, my YAH, your YAH, the YAH of ALL.



  9. Good video I praise Yah the creator my Father his spirit took my out of the church and away from using Jesus I live by what the spirit teaches the bible was made by man its not his word the Word is spirit Yah this names has power. Yah is Salvation

  10. Halleluyah to Yah! I am a 57 yo man who have been shaken to the core! I have been immersed in your teachings & another Black Jew Israelite's for a week now. My eyes have been opened & I can't get enough knowledge about Who I really am & who I/we really belong to! So many questions I have had are finally being answered. I did noticed that the name(s) of the Most High Creator had been changed from the names I was used to reading in my maternal grandmother's bible. & then reading & hearing about all of the substitutions that have been done. To say the least, I was mad, angry, upset…WOW! & to find out that we are one of the lost Tribes of Israel almost sent me into overload! I asked myself why is it that all of the black preachers & churches never told us about this? Not about the so called curse about being black but that we were cursed & what we needed to do to come up out of the curse??? & to think that a lot of brothers & sisters won't be in the remnants because they are not willing to hear & read the word & have faith that it is so!!! But listening to you all(bible, pen & paper in hand) seeing it all unfold… Halleluyah be to YAH! I have been soaking it up like a sponge!!! Thank you!

  11. Great video proving the name of the most high Yah……but we should not use EL…which represent the false ones ….we should use YL ….which is power of Yah …..the name  of salvation is important as stated in ….Matthews 1:21-And she shall bring forth a son. and you shall call his name Yahoshua for he shall save his people from theirs sins……….also,  Acts 4:12  …..


  13. I have believed just as you have teached in this video, I'm so glad I came around to it. I also believe there is no power in the name Jesus, and even if we were wrong…the media and blasphemy have dimished its power over the years. Thank you for verifying this for me.

  14. I have learned alot from you, but have a question. Yahushua, from my understanding, spoke aramaic. I found a video stating his name in aramaic was "Eashoa". Do you have scripture or information on this?

  15. This has cleared everything up for me too. I watched the entire video waiting for him to connect this knowledge to the Spirit, than he said; Spirit and Truth (not knowledge TRUTH) goes hand and hand, Halleluyah!!! I don't have any more question, I will rewatch and study your video. I am amazed by the enlightenment . I must watch again!

  16. For so many years I have ben starving to know who I really AM and now I am getting closer and closer to fullness!! Thank you YAH!

  17. HalleluYAH! im only a half hour into the vid, but very appreciative. Yah bless you and your lovely wife..i've recently found your vids and am a new subscriber..well done vids, nice music,presentations and righteous messages. Definitely sharing! Much love from southwest canada. Shalom!

  18. thank for taking the time to clarify the Most Highs true name. There has been tons of debate and divisions b/c of a lack of understanding. I never knew the prophets names in the O.T. had Yah in them. This was very informative. May Yah continue to bless you

  19. Jehova comes from the Latin, Iehova(capital i there) Iehova, his real name was Adin, I work for the Galactic Federation of Light, Son of Archangel Michael and Lucifer, a Hybrid Clone, with the DNA of two human women. Grew Black Leathery Wings in High School, age 14.

    The Pleiadians told me this:

    Jesus was called Talmud Jmmanuel. His mother was a Pleiadian named Mari who came here, his step-father Jasaff (Joseph), an Earthling man of Lyran Descent; Jasaff and Mari couldn't conceive, so they prayed to the Lord Adin, and he sent down Gabriel the Archangel to help and he impregnated Mari.

    They told me this as well:

    Names of Greek and Romans Gods and Characters, often ended in 'us' and 'eus', Jesus was created by the Romans after Jmmanuel was roped and nailed to a cross.

    Jmmanuel was called different names to discredit him.

    I firmly believe their story they told me may be true. I feel about 75% sure it is, but I still have a slight skepticism.

  20. the jews (judah and benjamin) remember YHWH.that's why they stayed or returned to the land.israel forgot the Father we are still scattered.original ancient hebrew IS YHWH and is pronounced YAHWH

  21. You are also correct about the torah, no we aren't supposed to throw it out its supposed to be used just as the old testament to know and understand exactly who the old testament gods were aka Elohim / Annunaki, the whole purpose of the new covenant was to expose this truth to the world while yes christ died to save those who believed in him and the father, it was also a battle if you will with the forces of darkness that started with the Elohim falling from the heavenly realm aka lucifer and 1/3 of the angels to include the seraphim, when the third fell it wasn't just one branch it was from all three, he was sent here aka the abyss. there is also a difference between the fallen, the sons of god ( God's ) and the watchers who were here as well, the old testament was a record book of what had happened and how we were deceived by deity gods, ultimately one name lucifer, who is the god of the old testament and if you think i'm full of it better keep reading and researching, our father wasn't a murder, tyrant baby killer or anything else but light and love, there is no darkness in him, jehovah or what ever you wanna call him was, when moses said he seen the most high and received the law well that was jehovah not god, no living mortal man has ever seen the face of the most high, thats there in black and white…. just some thoughts

  22. That was the best teaching i have ever heard in my life, you blew my mind! There is one connection i made that i didn't see you mention and that was about the 144,000 were not defiled by women, such as harlots!


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