What Qatar Doesn't Want the World to See | WORLD CUP 2022

Qatar has trapped people in its country, and now they’re hiding them from view.
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It started with me looking at a map. But soon I got sucked into a deep dark secret, one Qatar doesn’t want the world to see.

A huge thank you to everyone we spoke to that chose to stay anonymous for this story. Your perspectives and knowledge were vital to tell this, and we could not have done it without you.

Thank you to the experts we spoke with that helped with our research in this story:
Mustafa Qadri from Equidem Research –
Isobel Archer from the Business & Human Rights Resource Center –

Thank you again to Goma Magar, Bikram Tajpuriya, and Sushil in Nepal for sharing your stories.

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  1. As some have mentioned, this is common throughout the rich Gulf countries. However, having spent some time as a white collar expat in both Qatar and the UAE, from my limited perspective things seemed to be worse in Qatar.

    In general and from my limited perspective, Emiratis were much nicer people than Qataris. I saw Qataris being very unpleasant towards these workers and were indifferent/arrogant towards expats. I never saw Emiratis being unpleasant towards workers and they were very nice and hospitable towards me.

    Also, in UAE there are malls that are geared towards Emiratis and malls geared towards workers. Some of the workers' malls are nicer than many malls in the US, so at face value the workers seem to be recognized a bit more as an integral part of their economy and country.

    Granted, none of this is representative of what happens behind the scenes in UAE but I believe that it is a clue to the fact that it is much better for workers than Qatar.

  2. It's pretty much the same thing that has happened and still happens in UAI. Of course upper class business people and yes, even Digital nomads, are all over it go to places like that for the HIGH salaries. OIL and Gas…. Middle Eastern countries and Russia of course… and the beat goes on.. Oh yeah immunity for the Crown Prince of A. Go figure

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  6. A positive(ish) note: I imagine a lot of people in India, Nepal and other countries are hearing about this news, so they know not to go to work in Qatar.
    I know it doesn't solve the problem of poverty, but poverty seems like the lesser of two evils compared to working in Qatar.

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  8. Thats the problem with western media.
    These laws were there since day1 of immigration workers back in 1980s but noone cared because it didnt hamper west.
    These laws are present in all middle east countries even today bt west doesnt care because they get cheap oil.
    So much noise about ukraine war, sanction Russia but more attrocities are present around the world but western media will wait till world cup is not hosted in west and hosted in those places.
    Sad reality of todays world

  9. Qatar is a shithole and FIFA going along with this just shows what a filthy corrupt organization it really is.

    Unfortunately people will keep buying tickets and TV subscriptions and their favourite players' shirts so they have no reason to change, the money keeps rolling in.

  10. This is like concentration camps and they are in many countries in the world Israeli concentration camps for Palestinians, Turkish concentration camps for Syrians and American concentration camps for Mexicans. It is sad that sth like that exists anywhere in the world but we must also acknowledge that Qatar isn’t the only country doing this. Just that the spotlight is on arab and Asian countries more than the americas and Europe.

  11. Being a Pakistani i can confirm that conditions for labourers from poor nations working in gulf and GCC countries are very harsh and sometimes even life-threatening. Although the wages are lucrative (comparitive to their home countries keep in view curruncy parity) but these poor workers sometimes can't go to their home countries for years, and unfortunately for some the only way back is in coffins. But this is happening all over the world and we need to widen the scope of our discussions and investigations.

  12. You are not the only one who has talk about it. The worst part is UN and humanitarian workers doesn't even care if u report it so it's a sad thing. So even if u make a video most likely zero response gonna happen. It's a modern day slavery where no one does anything since they have oil.

  13. I worked there in Qatar and i can confirm this is 100% legit, but it is just touching the surface, it is unfortunately even worse than one can imagine, Praying for all the families that lost a family member there or are still struggling there 🙏🙏🙏

  14. All rich countries do that. Look at Indian atrocities in Kashmir and at the minority groups, US and western countries looting African countries and imposing indirect rule, also how can one forget the unjustified Gulf invasions, the Afgan invasion, the crimes committed by the army in these countries, not to forget Siberia and the breaking of Yugoslav and now the interference in Pakistan.
    You need to clean and wash """ """ yours first before showing others.

  15. The argument that the Western media is hypocritical for pointing these issues out really annoys me. Yes, western governments have a lot of blood on their hands and so do companies, looking at history. I also like to think that we have introduced major reforms and improvements and we keep calling our own companies and governments out for their unethical behaviour. And the people who participated in horrible things in times past are largely no longer alive. Can't remember having these issues in any other World Cup locations in the past. They are using whataboutery to deflect from their crimes and at the same time benefit from the money that mostly westerners will spend during the World Cup.

  16. Always great content – but this new format with the “mission impossible” team planning out the mission is wildly annoying. My feeling here is you moved from content/information to cringy production and best of luck to you but if this is the format I’m out.


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