What Russia said after targeting military base in Ukraine’s Yavoriv | Wion Shorts

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  1. After it all, he died living his wife and fatherless children just out of their own stupidity, God forbid 😏😏

  2. Russia the no 2 huh ! Sure I would guess ten or twentieth place there not tough they like you to think that but no . the ones talking up Russia I wonder is there a gun at your temple your government tell you what to say . Russians don't have a thought that came from there own mind . Russia so good everyone else are lieing . you must be Putin's harem heard he's gay you must be his girls right Alice .

  3. I heard the world's best sniper "wali" got his cheeks spread not long after his arrival. Dude got blasted to sh!t by the Russians

  4. They're literally drone and air striking the foreigners as soon as their boots hit the ground in Ukraine. Yall need to stop wasting your lives trying to save one dictatorship from another.

  5. So how long before the Russian officer in this video gets killed by a Ukrainian like those 6 generals and countless other field officer's?

  6. Where was the on the ground BDA confirmation? All I saw was clipped footage of destroyed buildings and a muppet with terrible glasses saying whatever the guy with his hand up his ass wants him to…Same goes for the Ukes, I don't trust infographics. Give me uncut BDA footage that's long and fucking boring.

  7. The Russian have been beaten so hard. Now they import Wagner. The Nazis Putin want to find in Ukrain, imported now by himself 😂

  8. When you listen to the western media, war mongering vloggers, Twitter keyboard warriors and Reddit hooligans instead of your parents and people who have actually experienced war;

  9. Whatever that said they did is a fact. They are looking for those bastards Nazis and I hope they find them all and get rid of them. Until they get rid of the last one. Russia👍

  10. Russians bombarded civilian buildings, schools, hospitals, etc!!! Are these military bases of Ukraine??? LIARS, SHAME ON YOU!!!!! You are the spirit of Hitler's NAZI!!!!

  11. Russia does a lot of pretending so far. Not a lot of successful action going on.

    If you don't know how to win, just nuke some rnd buildings and claim a high number -.-

  12. I love this… people, if you see a video of someone speaking but don’t hear the words, and some narrator tells you what’s being said, question it. If there’s an important speech and you hear a small 6 second clip of it while some reporters tell you what he or she actually said, question it.

  13. Psss !Want to know a secret to ending this bloody conflict…Guarantee the Russians in stone. “No NATO/U.S on its borders

  14. I think a bunch of the dead are guys from Reddit that thought they were going to go save Ukraine and all that


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