What's the difference between a Prophet and a Teacher

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Comment (21)

  1. I was watching the 700 club last week and the old pastor says that the ten commandments is no longer since Christ came and died is that true?

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  3. Many of us was sent by Yahuah but we will not take any title we do teach by the Spirit of Yahuah Yeshua even prophets teaches men . Just like young Elisha was taught and learned from elderly Elijah teaching .

  4. A prophet prophesizes, a teacher teaches and a messiah leads.
    Prophecy meaning: a prediction of what will happen in the future.
    Teaching can be defined as engagement with learners to enable their understanding and application of knowledge, concepts and processes.
    Leadership meaning: the action of leading a group of people or an organization.

  5. I wish these so called blacks Latino native American isrealite camps would understand that for real they are not prophets.lolthey lose me every time with that crap.

  6. Shalom Brother, I got premunition that a multitude shall come on to you and the Sister, in the near future. Keep up the much needed work.

  7. Shalom family! I to was raised in the Pent up and accosted church of god and Chris the pastor of Eastside preached he was every catagory of the five fold ministry prophet, apostle, evangelist, pastor and teacher as you are reading. So we were exposed to this criminal and forced to believe what he uttered. He would run his mouth from 11:15 to 2am. It was brutal. He would have 10 or more offerings. It was brutal. I like to say something positive but I can't. Ignorance at best was his stupidity. He declared the parents bring their kids for a three day fast but what it really was was him shirking his responsibility to pay the people who built his building. They were threatning to burn it down or pay. He replied they're kids in here. Yes he put our bodies in the way to defend his building. Fake it till you make it he would say. So idolatry was our plight. Lolhahahahehehe…
    Thank you! Be blessed. This pastor said he was god…
    The LORD Yahuwah gives and he takes away blessed be the name of the LORD!!!!!!

  8. A prophet is a person regarded as an inspired teacher or proclaimer of the will of God. While a teacher is someone who educates emphasis on school. They both educate the difference, one gets you ready for this life while the other prepares you for the after life.

  9. On the "John the Baptist" note, for what you two said. It is good to listen to people that we can plainly feel and see mean us no harm to listen to them speak when the feel they have an opportunity to be heard and not look down on street people because even in tattered cloths they may have a message for us and them not wanting a thing from us, even so it is good to offer them a dollar or so. Oh, I can't believe it is cold where you live. It's 90° in northern Ca.

  10. You two are good company. I am single and do not keep company nor hang around people much at all. You feel the void❤

  11. Hey Fam, you said a prophet necessarily is speaking about the future? 🤔
    Etymology dictionary
    prophet (n.)
    late 12c., "person who speaks for God; one who foretells, inspired preacher," from Old French prophete, profete "prophet, soothsayer" (11c., Modern French prophète) and directly from Latin propheta, from Greek prophētēs (Doric prophatēs) "an interpreter, spokesman, proclaimer; a harbinger" (as cicadas of summer), but especially "one who speaks for a god, inspired preacher or teacher," from pro "before" (from PIE root *per- (1) "forward," hence "in front of, before") + root of phanai "to speak" (from PIE root *bha- (2) "to speak, tell, say").
    Was Balaam a prophet? And why does TMH say the Prophets when speaking to them. Prophesy against this or that. Wasn’t it to give the people being Proohesied to. The opportunity to repent? Isn’t Deuteronomy 28 a prophecies? And last question, and by no means am I coming against you. I’m just confused to why you are trying to change the meaning, or understanding of prophecy. When that is how TMH speaks to us. Even in the Beginning. What he said to Adam was a prophecy. He was warning Adam of a event that was going to Occur in Adam’s time. If Adam would have understood at that moment. This is why TMH told me not to eat from the Tree. And obeyed! The Tree of Life would not have been taken from him. And Satan would not been given the power he has today over mankind. Remember this my Wonderful Brother and Sister in this Walk/Awakening. No one Prophet or one Person has ever been given all the Truth. That’s for a reason. Good and Bad. Good if we take all the Parts or wisdom given to each other and become One as a people for the Glory of our Elohim and our Nation. Bad, to expose the hearts of those who say the believe who we are but do not follow the Greatest Commandment. Our Mashiach gave us. To love One Another. When reading the NT. You’re reading an account live out Passed Forward to the Next Generation of those who are considered the Elect. Who will understand the scriptures and Message passed forward to them to discern. Paul writing to the Greek, not Israelite Timothy, in 2 Tim 3:16 is referring to ALL SCRIPTURES at that time as the Torah or writings before the writings of the NT. Paul is quoting himself or Precepting himself. They are the NT. Passed forward to us. So they would have only referred to the Torah as their main Source. Please understand the message That the Apostles are trying to tell you. It’s not rooted in anything that has to do with the way you see it. None of it is Rooted in What was given to us in Christianity. It’s a message to the Elect of who, and why Christianity exist and what People created it and why. Fulfilling a prophecy!

  12. I love you Family. You have become spiritual teachers to me as I had the revelation of who I am this March 2021. And you have given me firmer roots in the Biblical truths i grew up on. YAHUAH bless you Saints


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