What’s the difference between Judgment, Chastisement, Trials and Tribulation

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Comment (22)

  1. great videogives a great prespective on life.   but then you have in Jesus day when a tower fell a killed a lot of people.  unseen occurance, or ? what

  2. remember David said a restitution 4 fold had to be made..  sure enough david pronounced judgement amoung himself4 of his sons died

  3. Thank you guys for this power lesson, you guys have equipped me with alot of spiritual tools; much needed lesson. Peace,Love and Blessing Bro. Watchman & Sis Deborah 🙏💪💪🙏🙏❤❤❤

  4. You were referring to the Testament of Job, and yes demons do flee when you speak the word to them, but you must be under YAH's will because they know (james 4:7).  Lastly, Joseph's wife (Asenath) was chosen for him, she accepted YAH, and there is a story about her and joseph, that is a must read; it's within the pages of the Pseudepigrapha, Apocrypha.

  5. Love this message, I feel like it is like the day's of Noah now with the way thing's are people living how they want and mocking those who are walking out the commandments and the Christian church living how they want not staying on watch like the book says thinking because YAHUSHA died for our sins we can live how we want but there is a price to pay the assembly I went to before I came in the truth never taught about repentance so every one just lived there life how they want but they don't realize there is a price to pay when they go through things they just put it on "the prayer chain " and go about there business I went through a lot and I know part of it was judgement for past sin but I know the other part was to get me to rely on him so he could show me the truth because I lost every thing a year ago and in that time I studied and prayed and he gave me dreams to show me the truth about the Christian church that's when my eyes began to open good message shalom

  6. Shabbat Shalom

    YAH is awesome. Commenting on the plane stories and etc. This is why HE tells us not to worry.

    If I’m not mistaken HE tells us in the last days that if we stay hold to HIM all this chaos around us will not come to our doors.

    As long as we continue to follow HIS laws, walk in truth and spirit, repent, forgive, celebrate HIS feast days, and pray He will Passover us just like HE did in Mitraym aka Egypt. The only difference is that YAHUSHA HA’MESHIACH is our sacrificial LAMB!!


    This scripture keeps me from worrying about a lot of things. Keeping faith in YAH will always land you in the winning side!!!😁😁😁😁


    Shabbat Shalom

  7. Wow thank you thank you thank you!!!..great teaching and understanding. This lesson came at the right and not only for myself. Bless you all

  8. How do I bring the bad thoughts into captivity? This teaching has made me more fearful. Yah is no joke! He truly is almighty.


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