When Americans and Wehrmacht allied against the SS – Castle Itter 1945

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Kings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Warfare continues with a video on the battle of Castle Itter fought in 1945 during the late stages of the World War. During this battle American forces teamed up with the Wehrmacht and fought off the SS forces.

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Comment (46)

  1. lottery every part of this screams make a movie and keep it accurate because whatever changes you want to fabricate would surely be less fantastic than what actually occured

  2. God I love this channel and this has become my favorite episode! This battle deserves a movie, Sabaton song, and a special level in a WW2 FPS!!!

  3. I feel the need to tell people about this because this is so cool. Thank you very much for this!
    Stay well out there everybody, and God bless you friends! 🙂

  4. Yes 🙌 the most unique battle of WWII between America, the Wehrmacht, and SS!
    I don’t see how this hasn’t been made into a film by Michael Bay or J.J. Abrams yet.

  5. World War II was already brutal enough. I can't imagine how brutal this battle in particular was. Just imagine near the end when the fighting reaches the keep…small stairwells spiraling up in low light with explosions and people right in front of you trying to stab you and shoot you. Truly remarkable humans.

  6. Truly amazed by the courage of men united. If the leaders of this world would stand together no evil like the Reich would ever be allowed to exist or take advantage of weaker countries.

  7. Dammm I have been so waiting for the king's and generals to cover the battle of castle itter and I came so late😞😞😞

  8. Borotra and Reynaud were such badass.
    For information, Reynaud was the premier who refused French Surrender in 1940 before being forced to resign.

  9. and the upcoming movie (I bet) is still Supa Hero 6.5, for fox ache!
    this story, half of this story would be way better than that

  10. The tennis player truly showed his balls to the SS machine gun.
    Another amazing video, with all the details, from K&G.

  11. This goes to say that the SS were such evil bastards that even the German army itself sometimes fought against them!

  12. Leave it to the Germanic people to produce some of the strangest and most wholesome war stories.
    Swiss guard protecting the Pope and thus having the honour of guarding the Pope.
    Initiating a Christmas truce out of nowhere against the allied forces.
    German Luftwaffe pilot escorting and shielding a damaged allied bomber out.
    Austrian/German officers and soldiers joining together with the allied forces to defend french POW's.

  13. SS loyalists: Surrender now! We know your guns are out of ammo!
    Castle defenders: But we can still use them as clubs!

  14. The same French people that accepted to capitulate now fighting on the front line with limited chance of survival, WW2 is a very unique conflict

  15. American-Nazi-Frenchmen, tree pissing, reinforcements literally in "the nick of time", and historians dumbfounded.

  16. Just imagine one moment. After the Battle of France, If Nazi Germany collaborated with the US, those countries agreed with each other, what would the result of WWII be? Probably the war would take one year the Soviet and British armies would have collapsed shortly.

  17. My movie of this would be way over the top with a cast of characters like 'Kelly's Heroes' and have the French politicians up there blasting away with automatic weapons, like President Donald Pleasence in 'Escape from New York'.


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