When did Persia become Iran? (Short Animated Documentary)

Answer: 1935.


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‘The Naming of Names’ by Geoffrey Lewis in The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies.

Iranian Studies in the United Kingdom in the Twentieth Century by Mansour Bonakdarian

English in Post-Revolutionary Iran by Maryam Borjian

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  1. There is a huge Iranian population in Southern California and they HATE being called Iranians. They insist they are Persians. A lot of them were part of upper society in Iran during the Shah’s reign. They associate being “Persian” with the time of the Shah and the ancient Persian empires. (Even though the name of the country was Iran Shri t the Shah’s reign). And they associate the name Iran and Iranian with what the country has become after the Islamic revolution there in the 1970s, when they or their parents fled the country.

    Really interesting people. In terms of education and income, very successful. Lots of doctors and entrepreneurs and financiers. But my goodness do they spend on appearances! Beverly Hills is Persian central.

  2. A similar story as Korea, which in Korean is actually Hanguk. The anglo name came from the Koryo dynasty. The Koreans however don't seem to mind.

  3. They call persia because hakhamaneshian dynsty are parses and we have mads or mids i dont know how to write it and parts

  4. The name Iran is a name of thousands of years And the name of Iran is engraved on Achaemenid coins
    It means the land of the Aryans
    The Persians were only a part of the three Aryan tribes and Iran today is made up of three Aryan tribes So it is not right to have only the name of a tribe on this country.

  5. For a long time lran was under arab, turk then western control but thanks to God finally it is being ruled by lranics even though it is still not ideal. Iran can not be considered to belongs to persian people. There is no specific ethnicity such as persian, kurd, azeri etc. but there are persian speaking lranics. And any lranic can speak any other lranic languages this doesn't matter but the persian dialect is most widely used. An arab can understand arabic of 7th century but a persian speaking people can not understand even %30 of language of Sassanid era. Even though it is called middle persian we understand more than southern iranians who live in pars region. The word Persian describes Arian people who live in pars region. Since it was capital all of lran was called Persia later. In fact southern lranics who live in pars region did little for lran. They have easily submitted to enemies and writing poems instead of defending their land. On the other hand northern lranics have fought to the end even they were outnumbered. If there weren't Parthians Iran would be speaking greek now, Until Buyids humiliated arabs and restored pride of lranics, all of southern lranics were fully submited to arabs. Again during turkic/mongolic invasion southern lranics fully submited to enemy instead of fighting they were writing poems for invaders. but north lranics did not submitted to turks they have fought to the end. Alamut was the symbol of resistance. Reza pahlavi was also from north lran who has put an end to turkic era in central lran but the pahlavi dynasty couldn't stay lranic and knelt down in front of the west. After 1000 years central lran has started to gain its lranic character again since 1979.

  6. this is not strange! we Iranians having our own names for some countries !
    for instance:
    ALMAN= Germany
    LAHESTAN= Poland
    MAJARESTAN= Hungary
    YOONAN= Greece
    ENGELIS or ENGELESTAN= United Kingdom
    apart from ENGELIS that refers to England, does anyone from above countries now why we call them these names? do they have any roots in your history?

  7. WRONG INFORMATION. Reza changed its name because he wanted to create a fake nation called Iran. Persia is the real name of the government because Persians have captured our lands, and want to govern us with the fake name of Iran. KURDISTAN IS NOT IRAN!

  8. 2:30
    Persia didn't existed at all
    It always has been iran,
    So saying that it doesn't exist since 1400 years ago is not true cuz even in 1400 years ago it was called Iranshahr

  9. To be honest persia sounds cool

    You can't call destin princes of Iran
    Prince of persia sounds cool 😅😅🤷


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