When Iceland Defeated Britain: The Cod Wars (Short Animated Documentary)


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The Cod Wars. Britain wanted to fish, Iceland said no. Ramming.


Fishing in the Mild West: Democratic Peace and Militarised Interstate Disputes in the Transatlantic Community by Gunther Hellman and Benjamin Herborth

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Comment (28)

  1. if they would have accepted their demands the first time the fishing zone would have been like 15 times smaller lol

  2. Iceland is literally that annoying kid who keeps asking for more M&Ms out of your bag after he’s already had half of it.

  3. It's kind of funny that at the same time these "Cod wars" were happening, the more chaotic "Cold War" between the US and the Soviets was happening.

  4. My country lost a war to a country which needs an app to tell you if you're related to someone to prevent incest

  5. Activision: Hm, Vanguard didn't sell as expected, maybe That's what people want to be the theme of our next game.

  6. very nice to see the british making a fuss out of iceland giving itself fishing rights when the british have all their colonies to fish in instead

  7. Britain still have the same mentality today, that they can take or do whatever they want without any consequences

  8. How did Icland manage to Defeat britain no less than Three Times in a row………Hmmmmmmmmmm……..VIKINGS?


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