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Who changed the Sabbath Day to Sunday?
AD 321, Roman Emperor Constantine I issued a civil decree making Sunday a day of rest from labor, stating: All judges and city people and the craftsmen shall rest upon the venerable day of the sun.

Q.Was this change prophesied?

A. Yes Daniel 7:25

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Comment (46)

  1. Sabbath YAH'S BLESSED and HOLY DAY where we are in HIS and YAHSHUA presence along with the Heavenly Angels and they all can See everything We do,in Revelation under the 6th seal Heaven above is rolled back like Scroll, then we see they have been watching since Adam and Eve thank Heavenly Father for this Young Lion and family may You keep Humble Blessed and close to You Amen


  3. I'm not understanding what the commentator means by 'most sinful day of the week' because the Sabbat day is a day of Holy rest which God designated for that purpose. Even beasts of burden and the Earth is required to rest. By the Jewish calendar, Saturday is the last day of the week making Sunday their first day of the week. Thus, Saturday is their High Holy day of rest for the Jewish faith. By the Roman calendar, Monday is the first day of the calendar week making Sunday the last day of the week thus making IT the High Holy day of rest for the Christians faith. The Roman calendar became the time line most widely accepted throughout the World so in essence, many religions and faiths celebrate the Sabbat on Sunday.

  4. Yo bro that's the wrong Sabbath..the sabbath is six working days from the new moon…the new moon is also a holy day…go back and check….bro..SAturday is worshiping the god saturn on saturn's day…be blessed

  5. Every new moon…starts a New Month…This is the Creator's calendar, not going by the bible using sunday which is a sun god worship day, but there is only one first day of the a new month new moon is the 1st day of a 29 no more than 30 days in a lunar-solar month…BigFacts Brothers

  6. I respect you so much for saying that you asked someone to wait til after the Sabbath to donate! I was watching a woman a couple days ago and It definitely made me feel uneasy, when she stopped her broadcast on the Sabbath so people could donate. I was like wait is this allowed?! I assumed yes at the time because it was a donation vs a purchase. That’s semantics though right? Lol. Good to see you being true to what you feel is right

  7. Shalawam Y'israel.
    All Praises to our Elohim, The Creator of Heaven and Earth and Therein. Father of Abraham. Issac and Jacob!
    Appreciate your channel Brew.

    If only our people will study our WORD for ourselves and pay attention. Line
    Upon line. Precept upon precepts. A little here and a little there.

    Pay attention to words when we read our Word such as forever. From generation to generation. Everlasting. Once the MOST HIGH YAH puts HIS WORD out it doesn't return void. HE doesn't change once HIS WORD goes forwards. So, HIS Covenant is Everlasting!

    I highly recommend that we Google YAH'S (GOD) 613 Law/Commandments and study them as we highlight them in our Bible.

    Many people don't know, nor understand that YAH has 613 Commandments of Law, as we are only told of the ten, technically 9 or less, today.

    We are told that we no longer have to remember, nor obey them, because YAHAWASHI fulfilled them and nailed them to the Cross. This is much deception!
    YAHAWASHI did and does fulfill HIS FATHER'S LAW/COMMANDMENTS. However, He said, I did not come to destroy my FATHER'S law. But to fulfill them. Not a letter of it will be destroyed until Heaven and Earth has passed away. Hence, Heaven and Earth is still here.
    Therefore, YAHAWASHI fulfilled the parts of YAH LAWS/COMMANDMENTS by becoming our Blood sacrifice for atonement and we no longer have need for a priestly mediator because YAHAWASHI fulfills this. HalleluYAH!
    And we are not in the position currently to celebrate the Sabbaths as described in the ceremonially context. However, we are to acknowledge them and perform the best we can. Which contains much Praise and gratitude and acknowledgement of YAHAWAH.

    Lastly, we have to understand that by keeping #YAHLaw doesn't give us a ticket to the Heavenly Kingdom, alone. But, we are to Fear YAH and obey HIS Commandments. And, have faith in HIS SON YAHAWASHI, who is the Savior whom the SAVIOR sent!

    Our righteousness is as filthy rags! Job self-righteousness is what got him in trouble with YAH. Because Job kept the MOST HIGH laws/Commandments, he felt and believed he was a righteous man. Pay attention, YAH referred to Job as an upright man, not righteous.

    I'm coming to the light of understanding just how straight and narrow YAH road is.

    Shalawam Y'israel 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Yup the most sinful day is Saturday the true sabbath day. Majority of the world population worship on Sunday so they have no regard for God's true sabbath day.

  9. My opinion also from Friday 18-saturday 18 ; because Yah TMH have given us this day for rest and worship… but the most people (Israelit!(nigro's!)) Turn there back from the law(10 laws-comandments of Yah) to worship the 🌞 (sun)-day
    :– this fact I don't like; like they are blind! ☹️

  10. My only issue with this is if the Day is from evening to morning than by default wouldn't the following Day start in the morning??? Or would Night start the following morning???🤔🤔🤔

  11. Saturns dies That there is indeed a connection seems beyond doubt. The question is what came first. Did non-Jews call the seventh day of the week “Saturn’s day” because Jews called Saturn shabtai — that is, the Sabbath planet — or did Jews call Saturn shabtai because non-Jews called the seventh day of the week “Saturn’s day

  12. I love the studies and the information you provide. I did have a question regarding the first reference to Lev 23:32, which says “ it shall be unto you a sabbath of rest, and ye shall afflict your souls, in the 9th day of the month at even, from even into even, shall he celebrate your sabbath”. This text was given in context of the sabbath starting from sunset to sunset. However, when you read from Lev 23: 26-32, I see where the sabbath in question could actually be the day of Atonement, which was specifically to be observed from even of the 9th to even of the 10th. Compare the description of that sabbath to the one being referenced in Lev 23vs 3. You mentioned that Nehemiah closed the gates at even in Neh 13:19, suggesting that the sabbath started at even. But when you read Neh 13:16 where the men of Trye were in the city on the Sabbath day selling, is it probably the the Gates were closed at sunset the evening before so that the men would leave and not be present in the town on the Sabbath? As opposed to the gates being closed at evening because it was the Sabbath? I know in Genesis it says from even and morning we’re the first day! But when you read the account of the crucifixion and the events that took place from the time “Jesus” died, taken from the cross, cleaned and buried, it had to have been way past sunset on the Friday, yet the women were careful not to break the sabbath and didn’t anoint the body until Sunday. What am I missing??

  13. The Sabbath was always calculated using the Sun Moon and Stars…he (Yah) only named the 1st month (Abib) and the last day of the week (Sabbath)…as far as I know, Yah didn't gives any other names for days and months.

  14. sabbath is supposed be saturday but the most sinfull day is friday saturday gets wild but IN REALITY SATURDAY IS SABBATH BUT THE DEVILS CHANGED it…… its sunday its suppposed be sinfull sunworship

  15. Did Jesus change Sabbath to Sunday

    There are questions as christians we need to ask ourself, no matter the religion we are, concerning the plan and the will of Christ, was the plan of creation was the perfect plan for humanity .

    What's Christ plan for humanity before sin !!! Two alliances were made by God to Adam, one were rest day and the other institution of marriage that Adam and Eve would teach to there descendants. Was it a jewish law.

    Did Christ annonce or change the Sabbath Rest to Sunday Resurrection Day !!!
    Did Christ as Creator, when He was in earth ad the intention to change the plan of creation concerning the rest day and the institution of marriage !!!

    Historically Christians are unaware that the Emperor Constantine in AD 321 in accordance with the Church of Rome changed Saturday to Sunday and used Paul's teachings to establish this change.

    -During his ministry, did Jesus Christ inform his disciples of another day of worship after his death than Shabbat !!! No
    -After his resurrection, did Jesus Christ mentioned to his disciples that Sunday would replace the Sabbath !!! No

    -After spending 40 days with more than 500 disciples before going to the Father, did Jesus Christ establish Sunday for Christians !!! No
    -At Pentecost, did the Holy Spirit guide the new church to be observed on Sunday, in the apostolic meetings of the book of acts !!! No

    What are the two recommendations of Jesus Christ to his disciples:
    Because, I tell you, as long as heaven and earth do not pass, a single iota or a single stroke of the letter will not disappear from the law until everything has happened. Matthew 5:18

    Jesus Christ told them to teach them to keep everything I commanded you. And behold, I am with you every day, until the end of the world. Matthew 28:20

    In Christ Alone


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