When The Onion Fooled A FIFA Exec

This FIFA official thought an article from The Onion was real. #shorts

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  1. German Satire Magazine Titanic once influenced the vote for the host of the FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany's favor.

    They sent hoax bribery faxes to a number of delegates of the FIFA World championship committee. In these letters, he offered the delegates gifts if they showed their support of the German bid for the 2006 World Cup.
    In the hoax bribe they offered "A fine basket with specialties from the black forest, including some really good sausages, ham and — hold on to your seat — a wonderful KuKuClock! And a beer mug, too! Do we leave you any choice?".

    This actually influenced New Zealand Delegate Charlie Dempsey into abstaining from voting, who argued that the pressure from all sides had become too much for him, influencing the vote in Germanys favor over South Africa.

    Look it up. It's a true story.

  2. Could we get a video on the whole 9/11 situation. There has been a sudden rise of people that think it was an inside job due to trillions of dollars going missing the day before 9/11

  3. Excellent loop Johnny. It wasn’t a “….and this is why stutter glitch the sky is blue because…” like the content I have been consuming from my little hamster drip feeder that is YouTube shorts. Thank you Johnny

  4. German satirical magazine "Titanic" did one better.
    The 2006 World Cup came to germany because Titanic had offered bribes toFIFA honchos. One, iirc, accepted.
    The bribes they had offered had been a cuckoo clock or some nice ham.
    Not even kidding.

  5. is corruption even considered illegal if it's not any kind of governmental organization? As if someone came to your company and said they will pay you 100k if you told everyone your company recommend them, basically any kind of "corruption" in business is just a regular business deal and fifa is just another business, so it is legitimate to get bribes.


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