Where to Find Elves in Iceland (There's A Map For That)

This map shows alleged elf-sightings in Iceland. #shorts

See the interactive map here:

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Comment (33)

  1. Jæja hvað finnst okkur íslensku johhny harris aðdáendunum um vídeóin hanns um ísland? Persónulega fannst mér hann gera þetta vel, sérstaklega videoið um ísland og nasistana. Því það er svo lítið talað um það.

  2. Iceland's booming tourism also because they are predominantly headlined when they qualified for Euro 2016 and BEAT England and after that became the smallest nations to ever qualified for World Cup in 2018. That is some madness in the making.

  3. The Icelandic people are probably not taking it too seriously. It is more like an inside joke. In Reykjavik, you can find the "Icelandic Phallological Museum" (Penis museum) where there is an "Elf" penis on display, among others xD

  4. Maybe you shouldn’t assume your people are complete morons and superstitious troglodytes and, instead, realize that perhaps you don’t know it all (with your perverse sense of positivism) and think: ‘hey, maybe they ARE seeing something.’

  5. Well the thing is that the Icelandic people are the Elves, and they just pretend to be human and make tourists go on crazy tours, just so no one finds out! Wake UP People, they’re tricking us!! Those magnificent beautiful magical Icelandic folks, I’m on to you!

  6. I have a picture of a faery from Ireland. I was there 25yrs ago with a friend, we did 662.7mi (yes, our rental car's odometer was in miles, go fig) around almost entirely little backroads and stayed in the types of bed and breakfasts which were truly just people's homes.

    Anyway, we were out in the middle of nowhere between Killarny and Galway, and there was this tiny, BEAUTIFUL and very very old stone bridge, completely covered in moss, over this small stream and slowly being reclaimed by time and the woods. The whole thing was deeply in the shade, and looked so sterotypically Ireland–I was just stunned by the beauty. I took a picture of it, adjusted my angle very slightly, and took another picture.

    When we got back to the States and had the photos developed, the first photo had this strange spot of light on the bridge. It doesn't look like an orb or a photo effect or anything else I have ever seen in all my years of photography, and the entire bridge being so deep in shadow makes it hard to imagine what could have made this stunningly bright little rainbow light.

    Here is the thing: I like the world better where there is a vanishingly scant little chance where I caught one of the fae on that bridge. I am a disabled single mom struggling as hard as anyone under late stage capitalism. I need a new lift for my wheelchair (and, actually, a new chair) and my daughter needs braces. As with every other grownup in the U.S., it can be hard not to feel like the weight of everything is on my shoulders, and my shoulders are supported by a shattered spine–a spine currently being supported by a shattered healthcare system.

    I think the world is just a bit easier to exist in when we allow for the possibility of teeny, tiny sprinkles of magic in our lives. I like that world a whole lot. 🌈 🧚‍♀️


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