Where to start? Seek & Find, Ask Watchman

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  1. Man family like y'all that allows the most high to truly work threw them it helps see the truth for what it is. Thank you family praise YAH

  2. This is what how I study…. I pray and ask for the Rauch to lead me….. I Read the word…Genesis to Revelation, while I’m reading I break the word down, highlight words look them up and write down, what I got out of it…The Rauch will send CONFIRMATION of what I just read. Also I have 4 different youtube Channels that I watch, and sure enough the RAUCH has lead me to understanding…. I don’t belong to any camps or have anyone to fellowship with. But the Rauch is covering me. I watch these channels cause the Rauch has lead me to my understanding, and CONFIRMATION. ALL PRAISES TO THE MOST HIGH!!! HALLELUJAH.

  3. Brother I have questions about the name Yah…Ive heard that the name comes from the Egyptian Moon God..Please Help me understand


  5. The most High said seek and ye shall find…. attending a local church, being raised up in a Christian family, going to service on Sunday does not mean you have seeked and found him. To seek for something is to look and search with everything you got like you would if you lost something valuable that can’t be replaced. You know when you find it, you get that joyful at ease feeling and solid feeling that YES I GOT IT FINALLY WHAT BELONGS TO ME

  6. 6/18/2018…I just found Yah and this network. Eddie Long has passed. This is my question as well except I am a PK, twice, so indoctrinated I feel like I have been in jail and am institutionalized. Thanks so much and I will be at an even soon for baptism and celebration I am ok with my alone road, thanks for going thru the fire, aka Religion and coming out in the name of our people. I am afraid as of yet to face my mom, my fam, friends and ridicule. So I stay alone and study.

  7. Thank you so much YOUR teaching and advice just what I was Asking The Rusch and Yahshua Ha Maschiach. Blessings on You and your family.

  8. Shalom
    I have to admit and humble myself, Truly you and your wife have been a blessing 2 me and in my time of darkness.. Yous have being used of Yah HalleluYah have been the reason why i turned from darkness to the Elohim The Most High's light 💡
    And i give Yah praise and glory HalleluYah Family !!! I am a seeker of infinte Truth fact and Heavanly Knowledge, If Yah so move you 2 reach out 2 me i could Really use your help in some matters such as my name change and the Ruach. Please i pray 2 yous in whom the Most high has chosen You 2 to be my Spiritual Mutha and Fatha, in which i am so grateful and give praise 2 Yah!!! I love yous and Yah by his will continue to bless you all and the body of YISreal
    My Email is yahsseed@yahoo.com
    Lol yah is in yahoo
    Yah is great all the time

  9. This is my situation but he is a Mason will not pray with me, mocks what I read. And the Isrealite songs I try to sing. So I am looking for an apartment.

  10. Hi, just read this and wanted to know if you have heard it before? The tribe of Judah were buddha monks from India.

  11. PLEASE pray that if it is yahs will for me that if it is yahs will for me that yah will sendd me the right girl to marrry and have 2 sons and 2 daughters of our own according to yahs will for me if it is yahs will for me .thank you

  12. i have the expiriance all religon to me are different than death camps .but i am glad that yah has freed mee from these religus death camps and my grandfolks from budapest hungry warnd me of the NAZI DEATH CAMPS OF OUSCHITZ IN GERMANYto me all religons are NAZI DEATH CAMPS

  13. in religon you are not free to worrship yah in truth and spirit thats why i gave upon all religon .no religon will allow you to worrship yah in truth and spirit

  14. i thank yah for freeing me and saving from the death camps of all religons because all religons are all death camps .some one i knew told me father yah will expose religon for the death camps and evil they realy are.yah is now exposeing all relgons for the evil they realy are

  15. thank you for your guidance you’re helping me everytime I watch forcing me to question things and what I do helping me become a better person I truly appreciate what you do. Shalom

  16. Nobody worships Yah in my area. I can't find Yaw seeking people in my area to worship with. I found your site for guidance. I'm unable to get baptized because there is no churches where they believe in Yaw for me to do so.

  17. I'm new in my walk it feels like I've found my way to late. Will there be no place for me in heaven because we're so close to end times and I haven't found my way sooner?

  18. Love this teaching !!! In Old Testament and new , God teaches us in the Old and New Testament that we our to seek him individually!!!! Thanks you sooo very much

  19. Who taught Enoch and Abraham they walked With Yah. Yah live in Enoch and Abraham every day His Rauch was with them every day "What going to church mean to them?" Going to church don't mean nothing when i Watching videos about Yah I saw watchman videos popping up in my YouTube I thought to my self let me see about him where his mind at so I did a "Evaluation discernment in the Rauch" on him and he was on point lining up in Rauch in Truth he is of the Truth, Yahushua HaMashiach the Rauch is in him

  20. ◄ 2 Peter 1:21 ►

    Verse  (Click for Chapter)
    New International Version
    For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Spirit

    Enoch and Abraham Are Prophets

    ◄ 2 Peter 1:21 ►

    New International Version
    For prophecy never had its origin in the human will, but prophets, though human, spoke from Yah they were carried along by the Rauch

  21. Resurrected ( Released) from all Religion into the Body of Yahushua through the Spirit ( Rauch) Spirit of Truth

  22. Watchman I and my husband have many ?'s one is how to buy properties/property with know money down i'm sorry for reaching out on here but i couldn't find where to ask my ? on the watchman on the wall and on ask watchman so please forgive me but we need a home we are now living in a hotel around all these spirits that doesn't rest plus we have all the seeds with no place to plant even tho i did cut open juice containers placed seeds and put it in the hotel window seals but if you have any information for use please share Thank you in advance shalom

  23. I think if your married to a non believer, we as women are to still follow what Yah says. However, anything that is against Yahs word, we do not do or go along with. We might as you said, grow on him. Most of all stay in prayer.


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