Which Bible is the best one? King James 1611, Cepher Bible, Halleuyah scriptures?

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  1. First day of the week is not Sunday nor the 7th day of the week Saturday according to the Creator's calendar. There is no need to dwell deeply into the scriptures to learn about the Creator's calendar!! Somethings needs interpretation because they are signs and symbols but the Creator's calendar is plain as day!!

  2. Shalawam family. Here's the thing , if HaMashiach was raised in the middle of Sunday which is the first day. That doesn't make the 1st day the Sabbath. The Sabbath law comes WAY before the "birth" or "death" of HaMashiach.

  3. What do all the churches in this world and all YouTube Ministries have in common. Are all controlled by the Bible. They're not controlled by the Holy Spirit.

  4. For those that keep saying it is the last days. Isn't the Kingdom of Heaven supposed to be preached throughout ALL nations before Yahusha Ha'mashiach returns?

  5. Dont get the halleluyah scriptures,it uses the name of babylonian pagan demon gods,like seriously? it says stuff like baal and zeus.
    It's like if its glorifying those dieties,just wrong.

  6. People who says that Shem has red skin and Japheth has white skin. Is stupider than a paper kite made with book leaves

    The seed of Japheth was white not Japheth

    And do we see any skin people being sold as slaves??


    But we do see Isaac's other son.. Jacob WHITE brother still has Jacobs seed in bondage dispite having remove the chains

  7. 1)HalleluYah Bible (restored hebrew names/English & greek side by side /no Apocrypha)
    2)The Yah Scriptures (restored Hebrew Names/New Testament only)
    3) Cepher Bible (restored Hebrew Names/ OT & NT + Apocrypha)

  8. Bro. we have been conditioned by oppression to emotionalise the evil committed against us.
    The only panacea is following the LOVE of a forgiving FATHER.
    Only by HIS SPIRIT have we PREVAILED.

  9. Amazon have 1 someone is selling for 7000.00 2018 Edition
    I would like to have this Bible and Thank you and Wife I have really Learned
    I went to Cepher.net and there I found one I can afford to purchase .

  10. Surely you must read Genesis in every bible to marry up the Sabbath with it being either the 1st or the 7th day of the week? My understanding is the Sabbath was after all Gods work was done as he rested. Why rest on the start of the week before the work was done? I cannot get my head around you stating The Sabbath is the first day of the week. God completed his work before he rested.

  11. So many king james version only people in here you should read different versions for more understanding i used to once be a king james only person but have since expanded my learning and understanding by using different translations also to be honest if you do your research the roman cathlocis have changed the calendars we use also the beginning of the week you need to look into things among other things to know these things and still partake and follow these pagan names and holidays and such isnt right


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