Which is better: Speak life, D-eath or say nothing at all?

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Comment (34)

  1. Awesome message. I sometimes struggle with the words that I use. Thanks for the reminder that words can be used for life or death.

  2. Shalom and Thank you for that powerful message given. I can not speak for anyone but I do know that it was meant for me. It truly pulled at my heart and was an answer to my prayer. I felt hopeless, but more now. I'm ready to fight, so…. Thank you again. Love from a homegirl (Detroit, now Georgia)

  3. I thank you for this message because I was going to have surgery again on my stomach I decided to take a look at my situation and now I speak life into it and I will not have surgery I will speak over starting right now

  4. Thank you for this lesson family, i'm really learning and growing because of your ministry. Praise Yahuah 🙏🏾❤

  5. I have a rough tongue. However, one word I don't use is fool in my subconscious. Clown Maybe.
    I usually view people as being unaware. Especially when they can't hear the good news.

  6. Many of say 8 out of 10 blacks looks at the westerners and want to do like them, they leave their environment for that of the westerners that's a reason why the blk community is failing

  7. It's interesting that you all did this message because I was going to do this with my children. This basically confirmed how well of a visual it will be for them.

  8. Beautiful lesson and I love and appreciate the experiment. I love you guys so much and the children sound so lovely.

  9. Yahushua says words are spirit and life that is why he said every word we speak we will give and account for in judgement.

  10. Thank you for that confirmation. This is our first year with homeschooling and we haven't felt compelled to focus on American history. We're about to start a unit on bantu and hebrew history. This whole teaching was for me, beginning to end!!!! Praise ABBA YAH !!!! HALLELUYAH

  11. You were given this life😏
    Because You Are Strong Enough To Live It🤗

    Sound Right Reasoning, And Food For Thought😎

    Wisdom & Peace

  12. My, sister from that little time of " issues" your home had experience ( when I was fellowshipping with you) it was necessary to clean & balance. Oh what a wonderful message you have presented to hear while giving you this message. Deborah you humble yourself , YOU PASSED, Be strong Be encourage Be cover By OUR KING. SHInE ON my sister Hallel , a bondservant of YAH

  13. My 2 cents be careful of that bottle cuz we know "THEY" are changing times, statutes and laws, as well as Elohim Word just so the babes in Elohim, don't get confused with the skin Hagar filled for Ishmael" Love ya'll so much Keep up the great work of OUR FATHER!!!

  14. Wow! Such amazing voices. One gentleman did that experiment with plants…not the say nothing at all part. The experiment clearly worked. The one he spoke bad to drooped really badly and the one he talked nice to looked healthy.

  15. in the beginning was the WORD the WORD was with god and the WORD was god.
    and he SAID let there be light and there was light.
    speak that life!.

  16. This is good information but i have a problem with a family member for years since i was a child. I feel she just don't like me. And yall said speak life. I do. But how can you deal with a family member when they don't want to dealth with. Im just so tired if trying so i just pulled away. My other family members said she was just plan jealous of me and im like for what,, so i understand your point but im lost to dont know what to do . I get tired of her being so hateful and mean to me for years yall.


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