White washed so-called “Jesus” is bad but what about a White Washed chart?


Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Disclaimer: There was a time when I subscribed to the Arsareth Theory which underpins the 12 Tribes Chart, especially, being of Jamaican ancestry. Evenso, as time advanced The Most High allowed me to see the root and the fruit of this teaching. Which is a fabricated Invention used as a sales pitch to gainsay folk into a labyrinth of truth/falsehood.

    I have respect for all nations but but TMH grace will not ignore or continue the charade of lies predicated upon itching ears. Moreover, if you only follow TMH due to birthright and ancestry and are upset that you are not what you thought you were you've missed the point of The Word.

    Sirach 4:28 Strive for the truth unto death, and the TMH shall fight for thee.

  2. APTTMH for this message. The 12 tribes chart was debunked long ago. Everyone needs to wake up and smell the coffee.
    Mark 4:22
    "For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad."

  3. Shalom to my beautiful brother and his beautiful wife Mr and Mrs TCA 💞 this video is so on point that I dont understand why our own people still wants to continue to endorse the lies being taught thinking that men wi bring you to your own salvation. I never subscribe to that Chart it never sit well with me at all after I've done my own research and reading books. I pray your family is well and keep up the good work I appreciate you immensely. APTTMH YAH 🙏🏽

    Shalom 🙌🏽

  4. If they had black ethnicity of those nations, they would be more closer to the truth. We cannot be apologetic for our heritage, first our heritage was taken,now you want to give our heritage away, God must sadden by our knowledge. Where I said black, should be(shematic)

  5. APTTMH Anokeesed 🥰🙌🏾☝🏾💝🔥 this was definitely interesting! SHALOM and MLMR and many blessings to you my beloved Brother and as well to ALL the children of TMH 💜🔥💪🏾🦁🕊️🧬♾️💪🏾🐑💜🔥

  6. Man keep banging on these idiots that 12 tribes chart is crazy, man those niggas are crazy lol 😂 especially that part with Sa and the brother in the purple talking to that Mexican lol

  7. Bwoy mi seh Jac it up, dig it up, pull it up, tear it up, smash it up and dash weh the 12 tribes chart bredren #TCA keep them 🥾 pon dem necks till dem see sense…🔥🔥 to deh chart🔥🔥

  8. Why no one mention the elephant in the room?? These are Masonic Melanated men

    and heathens that the devil is using to discredit and make a mockery out of the true Israelites awakening. Our people are in love with the heathens and therefore quickly accept that these heathens are us and give up their birth right to them (BARUCH 4:3 Give not thine honour to another, nor the things that are profitable unto thee to a strange nation. 4 O Israel, happy are we: for things that are pleasing to God are made known unto us).

    You will know them by their fruits. One can tell who they are by the star of Rempham they wear (mentioned in Acts 7:43), the masonic attire and by their works etc. The awakening is tainted by MASONS.

  9. I almost pity the fools who are enslaved in camptivity. Camptivity is a deluded state of mind that is created by one's own conscious choosing of evil. But it is the conscious choice of evil which causes me to deny pity for them and to reserve pity for the deserving.

  10. I just thought I would share this. Back in 2018 I was just really researching about who we are, just coming into learning the truth. But I was on a website unrelated, but talking about the alligator babies. I was scrolling through the comments and came upon this. The paragraph break is when she is commenting to another person. Here it is. She says something interesing concerning the Israelite camps.

    My Great grandmother said black people are the true Jews of the bible. REVELATIONS 1:14-15 kjv His head and his hairs were white like wool and his feet unto fine brass as if they burnned in a furnace. Jesus was a dark-skinned black man. LAMENTATIONS kjv 4:8-12 Thier visage (face) is blacker than a coal. Who would have thought the adversaries would have entered into the gates of Jerusalem. My great grandma said a prophecy will happen and black people who are decendsnts of the transatlantic slave trade will be known as the true Jews of the bible. This is my Grandmothers sayings… She was 102 when she died and she begged my whole family to learn to love and respect blacks. She said Christianity is used to keep them blind, but they will come out of the churches and into the truth of who they are. I don't know… This is what my grandmother said. She said she witnessed many things that happened to slaves and she said when she spoke up, her friends would tell her to shut up… Them N words are supposed to suffer according to Deuteronomy 28 which is also in the Torah as well as the bible. Wow… Please don't cuss me… I am only repeating what I heard.

    Oh my God…. Tears…. I cannot believe it. But it says it in the Torah and the bible and I can't stop reading all of the scriptures she and her family members were shown to prove who black people are… Then the prophecy will happen. She warned us of being antisemitic towards blacks… We all laughed and she got out of her bed and said be careful… She said the spiritual yokes of iron will be taken off of thier necks and they will become who they are meant to be despite all attacks on them. She said she personally watched blacks go from being scary people to becoming more brave against their opressors. She said that black men now are different from then. She said God is going to show the world he loves them and they are his people. I showed her a few of the black Hebrew Isrealitie camps and she said the government paid them to spread a hate message and wear those ridiculous outfits. My grandmother knew so much about them… She always was so respectful of them. She said that they are the tribe of Judah who fled into Africa in 70 AD. I have not forgotten one word she said because the rest of my family cussed her even though she was passing. Wow Grandmom you were right. Lord have mercy on me.

  11. Camps are government (COINTELPRO) agencies, worked by government agents, designed to be cacaphonous, distracting, disruptive, deceptive, death to TRUE AWAKENING of True Yashar'el. They are demonic and dangerous.

    YAH is awakening HIS PEOPLE, needing no additional help, other than an obedient, quiet, trusting hearts of His Chosen Ones, who must be willing to LEARN, UNLEARN, RELEARN, OBEY and TRUST Him, waiting on His next move.

    These camps are REMINDERS Yashar'el got enemies…

  12. There is no such thing as and American Indian……. What exactly is and American Indian???????????? What is it that make a person and American Indian?. Where did the name American Indian come from? What race are you to be considered to be and American Indian?????? What is indigenous?????. Indigenous to what?. People have been lied to in order to gain power and privileges and wealth that's the bottom line behind it all…….. Would you not agree. And if not. Then why not?.

  13. What makes me laugh at these heathen loving fools, is the basis that Gad wore feathers in their cap lol meanwhile, the same IGBO TRIBE in Anambra wear feathers in their caps and the women wear feathers in their hair. SMH uneducated fools. ZULUs wear feathers in their caps Oh Yah dismantle these hating daughters of Zion pig lovers all of those camps

  14. John 15:16 Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: that whatsoever ye shall ask of the Father in my name, he may give it you. The Holy Spirit did not choose these people that hate the Black Skin Color, you can tell when a person despise , some one or something when they lead off with "ole, like ole ugly this or ole fat azz, or ole Black or any verb that proceeds Black , he calls the Africans black Crispy Africans, there are Hebrew Israelites that are just as dark as the Africans, they hate their skin color, and also hate black people, The Holy Spirit didn't choose them they chose themselves

  15. "BIP BOP BOOP" This is just classic cutting them asunder!!

    Matthew 24:51 KJV

    “And shall cut him asunder, and appoint him his portion with the hypocrites: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

  16. Genesis 15:13 And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; ( tells you that they are not Israel, The Native Americans say that the white man stole their land, The Most High God said that Abraham's seed would be a stranger in a land that is not their, if the land belong to the Native Americans and you say that they are Israel, you are calling The Most High God a lie, and that's Blasphemy also in Jeremiah 33: 7 And I will cause the captivity of Judah and the captivity of Israel to return, and will build them, as at the first. Israel and Judah went into captivity together, the Native Americans were already here, the white man tried to enslave the Native Americans, but they were to weak physically. They are not as physically strong as us. Ask the white man he will tell you, he boast about it. Zabach knows the Truth, he's still faking it.

  17. All of the one west camps that teach that false twelve tribes chart are paid agents of the rosicruceans to sow seeds of discord among true Hebrew Israelites who are all that, THE MOST HIGH will deal with these false prophets according to HIS will.

  18. This makes me so sad. I see why Israel was brought down cause we still doing the same thing. Yah can't be pleased. Let's ask for overstanding. Not a humble bone in their body but leading Yashar'el astray. Shalom brother TCA…. keep teaching unapologetically

  19. This video is sure rocking the boat across YouTube but the lies from these Camps "MUST BE BROKEN DOWN" until they see sense. I agree that the Natives Indians Tribes suffered tremendous atrocities from the European and the King Philip war and that wicked Colonel Chavington what he done unto the Natives was cruel and to be honest no nations like the Natives Indians and the do call blacks suffered worse from the hands of our oppressors for real but at the end of the day if they're not Israelites then the bible don't apply to them. Great job #TCA 💯

  20. Their train jumped off the tracks at Hispanics, the Hispanics that were deported to the americas , even before mainland America were blacks Jews from Spain, they went to Jamaica, Hispaniola, Cuba and Puerto Rico!
    They were all blacks , the ones in Jamaica were my ancestors, even my great grandparents had Spanish names , you can’t make this up , the chart is garbage!

  21. Sorry, but that person, I won't call him a man, at the 24min mark, is some low down, self hating traitor. During slavery time his type would be saying 'is we sick massa' Pathetic and definitely not to be trusted.!

  22. In a weird way It's actually good that these camps keep standing on their fake 12 tribe chart, as it helps me easily identify who to stay away from. Their time is done, knowledge has definitely increased and they are being left behind. They are mentally and spiritually stuck. I personally don't want to deal with anyone that doesn't have enough discernment, or self autonomy to understand or figure out that the chart is bogus.

  23. He doesn't like Black skin, I guess that he want like King Solomon Song of Solomon 1:5 I am black, but comely, O ye daughters of Jerusalem, as the tents of Ked ar, as the curtains of Solomon. 6 Look not upon me, because I am black, because the sun hath looked upon me: my mother's children were angry with me; they made me the keeper of the vineyards; but mine own vineyard have I not kept.

  24. Thanks for this video though!!! They are so messed up with this chart, it is so not true! At the time of Jacob blessing his sons all of these men are negro; not Indian, not Mexican, not Cuban, not any of these. These black men did not change or translate into indians or spanish looking people over time. Their mind needs to get right with the Almighty!

  25. I missed the live last night and damn too many loopholes in the 12 Tribes Chart. What I notice that nobody back in the days wanted to associate with so call black people until.they heard of the Israelites and the bible and now they want to claim them as our descendants. Everybody CANNOT be an Israelites… 🤦🏽‍♂️ but I do like the video well put together Ahch.


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