Whited Out 2: Background Check on the White Man

This documentary is due to come out in November!

Most employers rely heavily on resumes or background checks to determine whether or not an individual is suited for a position. It’s highly unlikely that someone with a history of drunk driving would be hired to drive a school bus, or that someone with a history of child abuse would be hired as a daycare worker.
Many of the problematic events we see happening in our world today are linked to a number of factors, however if we take a realistic look at things we would all come to the same conclusion. From the failing infrastructure and contaminated water to air pollution, we can follow the trail back to the dominance of one particular group. Never in our world’s history have we faced so much uncertainly.

Fracking, drilling, nuclear plants, sewage systems, plastic contaminants, chemical fertilizers, GMO foods, and more are the major causes of mass animal deaths, large fish die offs, birds falling from the sky, food born illnesses, sinkholes, birth defects and more. If evidence has shown that elements and events of our past are still playing out today in a major way, is it safe to say that the same mindset still exist. Does covert activity null the facts that we see right before our eyes. It is my belief that the world has been blinded by what we are forced to believe based on the perceptions presented by a few and what our own hearts imagine, even if it’s all lies.

The European AKA: White Man, throughout history has been reeking havoc on the entire globe through conquest and war. Killing, stealing land from indigenous people, rape and pillaging, pollution and murder, and yet he feels he is qualified to rule and regulate the world. This documentary is the first of it’s kind created to expose and to check the background of the worlds most popular human, The White Man! Due to come out by November 14th, 2014.

If you would like to order a copy of ‘Whited Out II: Background Check on the White Man’ visit this link:

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  1. Do you have an email address? The most high has just awaken me about aweek ago. Ive been studying from your videos and i thsnk the most high for brothers like you!

  2. Slalom. Looking forward to learning as much as Yah gives you to share. Thank you for a job well done. Yah November!

  3. Looking foward to the video. I believe your wife and you are doing a great job. Shalom! This is hot topic.. Stay strong family….

  4. going in the wrong direction here, and by the way, Yahway did not dress up in a costume, black I might add, and have a problem with skin.  I watched your vid on "the name of GOD" loved it , subscribed, saw this, unsubscribed.

  5. Shalom, we are still working on the Whited Out 2 documentary, and hope to have it finished within the next couple of weeks. Please be patient. We will post it on YouTube for free and also send out to those that pre-ordered a DVD. Thanks!

  6. I am "white". I do not hate. I love you all. I study the Bible and inspired books. I agree that many rich corporations that are owned by white people are responsible also their ancestors are those that did own slaves. However please do not incorporate all whites into this. When it comes down to it, we ALL have African blood because that is where we all are from. Two people, everyone is from the first people.. We all are descendants. Peace.

  7. Shalom! I talked with Your wife a few months ago and she even sent me via email a list of books, I was wanting to touch bases with her on a few things but can not get logged back into watchmanreports.com to retrieve the message with you alls number you gave me, my email address tenishacarey.tc@gmail.com is there any way I could have your number again?


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