Whited Out 2 – Background Check on The White Man

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  1. They R sill SNACHING KIDS & their behavior is UNCHECKED .The Sins of the FATHER & MOTHER WILL fall on the SHOULDERS of thier YOUNG<> Get ya SOUL correct with a Higher Power .Good Orderly Direction<>

  2. Look what they did to the Indians that lived here before America was "discovered" I have always said America will eventually pay for her sins.

  3. I'm Sicilian, mixed with french Canadian. I suppose I'm white ? But I love the Most High . I'm still accepted and saved ? Or does the Most High only love colored people?

  4. Children of the fallen angels reaping havok on the earth, and targeting yahs children, and anyone who loves them.

  5. Its ppl like him that has my brothers and sisters oppresed in the big A, i have never been to the place and never will period.

  6. The bible says love your enemies, but how can that be? Tell me how to love a ppl that are murderers, with no natural affections for no other race, can somone tell me?????

  7. Oh s**t. I thought I could watch this…but it's pissing me off— the wrong suspect "bled on their uniform while they beat him so they charged him with property damage "?!🤬🤬I still have to interact with them today. This is literally gonna make me slap one one of these muh fuhs.

  8. It has been said that native americans owned slaves, returned slaves to slaveholders and to add insult to injury, they purged the black indians from their list of tribes here in america! I have no pity for them! Some even say they are Israelites! SMH!

  9. I pray to the most high to let me live to see the day they pay for this. There is no single white soul that's innocent from this. I am sorry for some good whites but your blood betrays you.

  10. I feel the deepest pain and grief for my black brothers overseas. but I feel proud that against all adds you are still thriving. Don't let anger and darkness consume the good light in your hearts. We miss you all. Love from your motherland. We wish you where here with us.

  11. oh man thank you watchman and your wife, this documentary made my day, I embarked on a mission to expose the so-called white people, after my encounter with one of them it was by the grace of yah that she did not accuse me of rape which she had earlier threatened to accuse me with, thus I was still sent to jail and battled the courts for 2 years losing my job and still unable to get into gainful employment till date. even after the case was dropped as my accuser never showed up in court not even once, she's living her life free and has not been charged for lying in her statements .. I still count myself lucky and give praises to Yah , for it could have been worse. today I have thousands of dollars in student loan debts and thousands of dollars in personal debt and IT literate in cybersecurity and I have never been happier, for i know that there are better days ahead. i now know the truth and the more i dig the more i discover. halleluyah

  12. I have really enjoyed the white out series!! would like to order the hole series! i donated to the watchmanreports .com , but when i go to order the the full whiteout series , im bocked on my computer!! I iget the address to get it thur the mail that will work for me. im 68 and have a problem on interent. Please reply to me in Fairbanks Alaska Perdeithea Smith Pasmith@acsalaska.net Will be waiting to here from you.

  13. Brilliant video – as always. The Yisrael's make us proud. The time is nearing. Please get ready – be prepared

  14. All praises be to the most high. Thank you so much for all that you do. I want you to know that you are very much appreciated. I sent some of your videos to my family and I advise my daughter to share with her children to see things As they really are and not the fantasy they want us to believe. We must know our enemy .Thank you for taking the time to do
    your research and your homework. Thank you again , I am so very much.appreciative of your works.

  15. Michael Jackson , lyrics said,
    all I wanna say is that they don't really care about us. Wake up people.


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