Whited Out 5: Curse of Generational Curses Full 6 hour Documentary Edited

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  1. I watched the entire series with my husband in a week and it has opened our eyes so much! Thank You! You all are a blessing from YAH !!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Will you all ever consider putting these on DVD? These videos are something we need to be handing down to our children.

  3. Appreciate this series… I also appreciate your family. You have truly helped me on my journey so far.. blessed love 💯💯

  4. 34:50 It was stupid of you to do it in a car park inside your , which is a public place and you never which prying eyes that may stumble upon such a beating , if you’re gonna hit someone do it at your home , not at a car park . Wasn’t a wise move at all .

  5. AMAZING, Powerful, Life-changing!! Thank-you!! Keep it up for the glory of Yah & as a wake up to His chosen & a witness to the other nations. Israel, may we HUMBLE ourselves, REPENT that He may heal our land 👏🏾💪🏾🙏🏽

  6. I HATE a watching this! It’s so true so sad and it has been going on since we got here. This is what needs to be addressed. The value we place on our own lives.
    Ok, the man who killed George Floyd was convicted. So what! Let’s convict the BLACK women who abort babies and others that teach their children that they are worthless. When is YAH coming to save us? When we repent ! For our treachery against the Most High!

  7. Thank you, Most High Yah! For this couple and their beautiful family. Peace and Blessings to you. Keep up the good works. HIS children will listen, and see the truth.

  8. I feel so blessed to have family members like you my brother watchman and sister Deborah yah. May your family be blessed always. Thawarda for this video. APTTMH YAH. Sending ❤️ from the U.K.

  9. Theres something that bothers my intellect about this truth. Because if you used these people as your rod for our disobedience. Then why when you come back for us, are you going to punish them for everything they did to us and then place them at our footstool and under our rule. Theres something about that revelation is very humanly petty me. Because I wouldn't even want them in my promise land. Basically, that's like keeping real vampires around for you to get payback on…..in a human mind revenge sounds good. But why have something so inherit of a evil nature around period…that part sounds very comic bookish

  10. Master piece💯‼️I hope everyone viewer will put YAH first and seek him truly and love him with all our hearts ♥️ 💯💯

  11. These white cops are disgusting.
    To prosecute another race will be be judged in the most harsh way when the Most High Yah and the Messiah comes back! I love the correction of the wrong names.

  12. I just want to say, Thank You for all of your time, energy and love you put into spreading the truth to Yah's people. You are so appreciated. THANK YOU❤️❤️❤️

  13. Great 🎥 !! But there is only one thing. We didnt come here in chains , read the book of Mormon and you will descover that all those movies that show slavery was indoctrination . too program the children of Israel too lose there idenity. The bible and the book of Mormon is the fullness of the Gosple. And this knowledge is also the seal of Yah or the seal in the forehead. I have this knowledge of our ansestors knowledge. The most high says in the last days this knowledge would come forth read 2 Esdras chapter 14: 44 . Read this scripture and then get the book of Mormon both books are proof of who the real Isrealites is. This will bring the hebrews to come together on understanding. Our nation needs this knowledge right now. You all are the olive tree. The more you learn the more enemies the most high will sweep off the land!!! Shalom

  14. Those No name powerful than the name of Jesus! I’m am a witness, I literally have been in several life or death split second situations and SCREAMED out the name of Jesus in those moments and things changed in that moment! And too all of you in here with hate in your hearts for an particular ethnicity based on their skin color alone will never find peace and will die being miserable and lost if you don’t turn from your evil wicked heart’s🖤

  15. I’ve been watching the series everyday, gone have to split this in 3-4 days… I’ve learned so much that I had no clue on. Can you say WOKE


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