Whited Out 6 Book Enoch: Seed of Fallen Angels. video

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  1. The sons of God saw that the daughters of man were fair in the book of Genesis. Were the fallen angels pale? What did they look like? The Book of Enoch use to be a part of the 1st century new followers of the way. I don't know when they discontinued its use. The King James Version has been extensively reedited.

  2. The giants that came after the flood is because one of Noah's sons wives DNA was infected with the nephilim gene. That is how they came back as they began to multiply. Noah's daughter in-law through Ham was one theory.

  3. Dr. Cheng explained vitamin D wrong at 27:40. You need melanin, the more melanin the more vitamin d you have, which means you have a better chance of NOT getting rickets nor skin cancer. If you are white, you are at a higher risk for skin cancer. They lie and they know it.

  4. David kills Goliath in 1024 BC and Esau was born in 2006 BC. This explains why the Caucasians and Asians don't have African dna but have Neanderthal dna  3% Neanderthal and up to 5% denisovans,

  5. Esau's seed was spoiled long before the sack of Rome. Daniel 2:31-44- They kingdoms shall fall. Babylon, Persia, Greek, Rome. They fallen angels have mixed his seed with them.

  6. I'm looking to purchase headcovering and a medallion. Went online but everything was sold from the Muslims or African. I desire to buy and support my beliefs. If possible can you live a link for me

  7. Jesus taught from the book. The first one anyway. I think the other one or one's are not from Enoch himself.

  8. There are way too many comments from black people claiming that white people are emotionless, condemned by Yahuah, etc. because our Genes have been tampered with. I'm white. Can I help that I'm white? No. Yashuah offered salvation even to the gentiles. That means everyone. Condemning the gentiles because of our impure DNA is not what Yashuah wanted from the people of Isreal.

    I am reborn through the Holy spirit. My earthly body does not resemble my heavenly body.

  9. we have color to our skin called hue. The hue to our skins makes us human. without hue it makes a person human like called humanoiid. its factual that the black race is the original race. hue deficient is from the fallen angels.

  10. Galatians 3:28 every single ounce of this segregation y’all teaching is bad, at 58:00 the man literally says that we have to be physically reborn because of skin colored foolishness, if we can only be born once how the hell are you gonna interpret that as something about race, if we can only be born once obviously it’s a non physical rebirth but a rebirth of the mind and soul, John 5:39 …… people the messiah came to show us a new way don’t let his message go to waste, Yahweh resides outside of the earth your body can’t survive out there this shit is deeper than this, it is disrespectful to limit the eternal cosmos to matter of race and skin

  11. Why should the book of Enoch be ignored . Enoch walked and talked ,, was close with the most High and yet they just left him out. Now you understand why.

  12. Shalawam ahchiyum wa ahchwath barak Atham yashar’el wa yahudium. I have a question, are we not in the right time line of the 400 years of the lashawan sapur or Holy Bible? In 2019 you debunked the 400year prophecy . I think for being in the year 2019 ? So is this the ending of the 400 years in 2020 ? Or are people still off on the timeline?

  13. Because of the way Hollywood hides a lot of truth in plain sight, could someone please list the movies that were used as background clips in this documentary. I know one of the movies is Prometheus, but I'd like to watch the rest so that I can peep the hidden information disguised as entertainment.

  14. The Book of Giants discovered in the West Bank and located at what is now Qumran national park, managed by Israel.. This is interesting because as an inside scoop, one of the reasons for these organizations that are called conservations, wildlife/game parks, world heritage sites, etc are merely covers for elites conducting covert operations in those areas, be it mining natural resources that have been kept out of the public domain/mainstream media, or conducting archeological finds that will break the paradigm of lies we’ve been taught since we were children.

    The scientific discovery of Neanderthal and denisovan genes being found only in whites and Asians explains the absolute carnage those 2 groups of people have metted out on this planet, against melanated peoples and the natural environment itself – genocides, pollution, destruction of vital ecosystems that are essential for environmental harmony, mining for natural resources with greed that knows no end, slavery and colonization, etc etc etc. Michael Bradley, a white man himself, exposed his own people in his book The Iceman’s Inheritance.

    The other thing we need to watch out for in this age of ultra left political correctness is this notion that there is only one race, the human race. After watching this documentary (and the previous ones in this fantastic series), after reading the above book and just reflecting on history, there is no way one can agree that we are all one species. The level of psychopathy in whites is such that most black people have not yet fully understood all the diabolic ways in this system of global white supremacy works. Ancestor Frances Cress Welsing (and her mentor Neely Fuller Jr) has done excellent work on why control and annihilation in some cases, of the original (black) man has been the primary goal of white supremacy. This also explains the interracial agenda. They need our dna to continue existing.

  15. Watchman.. this series is eye-opening and bring much knowledge and understanding to me. The Word of Yah says in Phili 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Yeshuah: Thank you

  16. Um the book of Enoch doesn't line up with biblical scripture at all do your own research this episode of the series is based on nonsense but every other part is true but they need to cross reference the book of Enoch with the bible the apocrypha is cool tho its actually biblically sound

  17. OMG!
    I had a son w/an Italian girl
    HE IS 6’5”
    My brother had a son w/a white girl
    HE IS 6’8”
    They call our sons “GIANTS”
    Oh shit…
    Come by YA🙏🏽

  18. I heard that during the flood some giants hid in the mountains or underground. Im not sure how true that is, but it would seem to make sense seeing as how they were around after the flood. But either way, it seems the fallen angels were mating with women. Now they just abduct and do genetic experiments, or carry out their genetic experiments in the D.U.M.B.S. (deep underground military bases) that are unfortunately all around the world, and not just America.


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