Whited Out 6 Documentary Trailer, Quantum Physics & Realm – Demon Seed –

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  1. CERN: A demonic most devilish Zionist Satanic place! WWW Was invented there. Genf. Switzerland. Shiva Godess is there…it's a very evil, demonic place. The spider-webbed the whole world with internet …5g …coming here in my place, Germany…how about America? The Deep State … Zionist USrael want to kill billions! And these sick satanic evil Cabale ppl will..
    Nobody by now stos them! GOD help us all!

  2. I'm on the edge of my seat just waiting for this!!! I really hope they cover nano-technology & 5G as well…as these are some HUGE issues regarding AI !!!

  3. Watchmanreports…. Did you all mean whitedout-7?
    I already have whitedOut-6! The Book of ENOCH! Seed of the FallenAngels…
    Pls! Can you make the correction? Or this is a different series altogether?
    Thanks! for the correction, On the titles…

  4. Glad you talking about CERN pastor Darby was teaching on CERN before his passing. Definitely need more understanding

  5. I am so excited for part 6. I love how you all teach and spread awareness on what is going on – mainly because you guys present the problem then give SOLUTIONS!


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