Whited Out 7: What the HeII are we Eating Trailer?

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Comment (28)

  1. Shalom, I am a "white" man from Romania, and I wish you only good, and good health, to work for Abb Yahuah.
    For a long time I felt that His people are not the ones who say they are Israelites, but two years ago Elohim showed me this.
    I thank Yahuah for letting me understand these things and for His Thorah is the way of life.
    May the people of Abb Yahuah be blessed.

  2. Absolutely! Not only do I follow the true Yahushua from The Scriptures but my channel 100% aligns with correct dietary recipes… I don’t like certain recipes that claim to be healthy and then say add (processed, chemically laden ingredient etc).. I make sure ALL of my food is going to baruk me now and later!

  3. Very, very true! I've known for decades that coconut is the only "white" food that is healthy. EVERYTHING in nature that is white, bleached, colorless or processed by man or machine is CURSED!

  4. The food in the stores and on the shelves are in cans, boxes, packs, frozen and they're preserved with salt or contains enormous amount of sugar.

  5. are you all aware of abortion remains are powdered and put in most of our grocery shelf items.Semonyx hk 293 hepatic kidney .
    Sea salt albeit expensive , is being pushed HARD these past 6 mos , as u know FUKISHIMA has killed the Pacific. This is murder.

  6. I've just found your channel a few months ago been such a blessing on my journey to find yah thank you I look forward to this episode as well .

  7. Dear Brothers and Sisters, I can't wait to see this, but I have a question of what's developing right now. Bro. Watchman posted the very timely "A-Porkalypse" videos last Nov. The "swine flu" epidemic has been spreading throughout China for over a year, and now the Coronavirus comes up there. Do you see a connection?

  8. Little miss debbie is the devil… Stay away from debbies cakes they are suicidal. Her products are loaded with corn syrup and a lot of other things…


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