Whited Out 7: What The Hell Are We Eating?

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Comment (33)

  1. I would like to give ever lasting thanks and praise for, hmm I would call the wakening of a memory, a memory of BROWN, rice yet flour. That will be the change I implement into my family life. Praise be. Always cook from fresh, make our own treats too. Brown sugar yes! All colours of fresh herbs. We even make our own Jamaican patties, samosas everything we can, purify our meat and veg. The process is long yet thanks and praise is within the children who eat it. In these days thatโ€™s something. No take out the children would get vex. Once a year then spend that time saying should of made it myself. I hate waste yet have to throw away what my soul says is not right. Got beaten as a child for not eating. Even then if I see not how it was cooked I could not eat. At least let me clean the kitchen and clean the food before you make it. Starve for over two weeks due to I ainโ€™t eating your food. Got old and still no change. Could never overstand how a animal to buy is expensive so why is kfc ยฃ9.99 for 10 pieces of chicken fries and a extra pound for a drink. Hmm. My same dinner cost me ยฃ40. At home. If it donโ€™t seem right it ainโ€™t right we all see it. Blood coming from chicken yet itโ€™s ok the gravy will make it taste just fine. I think not. The heat will kill the germs Natasha stop asking so much questions. Well Iโ€™m not eating. Beat me send me bed and letโ€™s just get this over with. Still donโ€™t eat from my mothers house today!!

  2. Blessed be to Yah who gave me a mom who raised us to eat clean from a young age. When I became a young working adult and started eating whatever I liked a gained some weight, developed skin problems, etc. I went on Daniel's fast and my skin got clearer, I lost weight and I am not hyperactive anymore. I run ultra marathons. I sweeten my food with raw honey, I season with fresh herbs and I do not eat processed food. I cook my own food. I am 31 years old and look ten years yonger.

    Yah's ways are the best.

    Blessings from South Africa!

  3. I really appreciate these informative videos. But how you keep stressing to raise and grow ones own food isn't actually that simple for most and it's a very expensive investment that many just cannot do. I personally try my best with my diet but, being physically poorer then those who are able really holds you back.

  4. Wow it's time for thel 21 Daniel diet not just for health but for spiritual as well. Thank you it's a wake up call

  5. Go read the Book of Jasher it pretty much sums up the old testament In the bible and, explains why Esau gave his birth right up…

    Esau and Nimrod was both mighty hunters Nimrod was Jealous of Esau … Nimrod and his mighty men and his people was in the wilderness hunting, but they removed at a distance from him and went in a different direction.. Esau killed Nimrod and two of his soldiers in the wilderness and the other mighty men of Nimrod heard the cry at a distance and knew the voices of those two men and they ran to their recuse, were they found their king and two men lying dead.. Esau saw the mighty men of Nimrod coming at a distance, he fled and there by escaped; and (took the valuable garments ( the coat of many colors) the garment of Nimrod that was handed down by one of Noah's sons to Nimrod.

    11.(And Esau took those garments and ran into the city on account of Nimrod's men, and he came into his farther house wearied and exhausted from the fight, and he was ready to die through grief when he approached his brother Jacob and sat before him.)

    12. And he said unto his brother Jacob, Behold I shall die this day, and wherefore then I do want the birthright? And Jacob acted wisely with Esau in this matter, and Esau sold his birthright to Jacob, for it was so brought about by the Lord…

  6. I wanted to see all the White Out series. Is White Out #7 the last one because three spots were labeled private. How can I watch the other ones?

  7. I always wondered why the food here in the u.s was all white like (eggs, bread etc..) but the original foods were Brown. Why would they change the original colors??

  8. If you have wisdom, knowledge,and understandings be thankful its going to be a (food shortage)… Go do y'all research people….All food and products has pork in it.. The Most High is destroying the Land for us because they have played us with they so called foods.. All praises to Yawah..

  9. Nga mihi ki a korua (greetings to you both), Just discovered your channel and subscribed. Thank you for your teaching.

    All praises due to the most high.

  10. What a very informative yet wonderful documentary!! I definitely enjoyed watching this and it added to my knowledge of these whited out foods!!

  11. I love y'all so much for doing this. I have a hard time researching for myself and get confused. Thank you for these series and break downs. May TMH bless y'all!!! Sorry I'm so country ๐Ÿ˜…

  12. This documentary was very good and informative Me and my family started making changes to our diet and we are already seeing changes in our mental and emotional state and I our physical health we will continue with the grace of YAH

  13. hi I am 14 and I'm learning about my father most high and yahusha my bother I am glad we have you, people, to teach us what we need to know about this Wicked world I am glad my mother came to your channel to know the truth thank you very much Elohim bless you and your family

  14. Shalom Mispachach,

    I was wondering how come no one spoke about what Our Father YAH says about not eating the blood? Eating the blood from ANY of the clean animals is an abomination and you will be cut off. Lev. 17:13-14.

    Dear Mispachach All meat that YAH deem clean must be Kosher, if your gonna consume meat. HalleluYAH

  15. Thank you Family much love and thanks for sharing the truth! I have reach out to other family members to check out this video โค๏ธ


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