Whited Out Documentary Official – Part 1

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This documentary “Whited Out” brings to light the hidden truth of what happened to the indigenous people all over the Earth and how they have been lightened through a process of whitening the gene pool.

Whited Out explores the white lies in history as White Europeans attempt to change the face of the past by erasing and changing names of places and people. The White lies that completely change the perceptions of the entire world and from the beginning of man. From Adam to Jesus, who’s real name was Yahushua, and even to the real Israelites of the Scriptures and how their identity was stolen by the Khazars, Jewish converts.

Join Watchman Yahu and DeborahYah as they journey through history and uncover the white lies of European historians. Watchman Yahu explains how the wicked intentionally spread their seed through colonization and rape of women around the world(Matthew 13:25-43 Read the story of the wheat & tares). DeborahYah talks about how it is genetically impossible to populate the dark races from a white man and a white woman which further exposes the white lie that the first humans were white.

Whited Out also goes on to expose the truth about the so-called Jews who are really Khazars that converted to Judaism a few centuries ago, and how they have the entire world fooled into believing that they are the true people of the Bible. It also answers questions like, “Where are the lost tribes of Israel today?” Some claim that they are of all nationalities and races, like the Chinese and Mexicans, and other races like the native Americans. If you want to truly know where they are then you must watch this documentary “Whited Out!”

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  1. I’m gonna miss “Red wine” white Jesus.
    👉🏽“ONLY” Jesus I love.

  2. I am black and I'm from the Solomon Islands. I've have told the my ancestors came from the South East Asia. However, in the Solomon Islands most us were Black people. This video makes me wondering.

    Thanks for this video and thanks to YAH🙏

  3. Brilliant and much underrated documentary! The information, content, presentation and editing is EXCELLENT and so educational. It is on the same par as 'Hidden Colours'.

    I am going to send the link to my friends. Thank you Watchman Reports for the obvious hard work put in producing this and for educating the masses!

  4. Yet, there remain 2 thirds of black people around the world. Albeit, many of them think they are white and/or want to be white. Be happy with your choice. You made it! Remember that!

  5. What is the point here, this merely reinforces the truism of history coming from the voices in power, why bring race into the issue?

  6. Wow, blew me away. Our Father Aluah Yahuah has been showing me these things for some time now & I am overjoyed that you have produced this incredible whole truth content. This (6th) day is coming to an end & Yah shar'el shall be awkenned, gathered & restored, made whole once more. Baruk Attah B'shem Yahushah Ha'Mashyak Yahu and DeborahYah, Amanah.

  7. my father is from jamaica and my mother is from liberia, i believe my family is apart of the remnant but they’re so attached to traditions

  8. Honest history looks at issues from widely different angles for a more complete and balanced perspective. When it's all slanted one way, that's propaganda; it's dishonest and used for manipulation. Those who are serious about truth will use the brain they were given and make sure about it. It starts with being totally honest with yourself.

  9. I'm soooo confused, being that 1:57:00 reminds me of https://sarata.com/bible/chapter/Romans.11.html#11:11. Is this how the Gentiles were grafted in?

    Exodus 34:14 “For thou shalt worship no other god: for the LORD, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God:”

    2:12:13 Joshua 24:19
    “And Joshua said unto the people, Ye cannot serve the LORD: for he is an holy God; he is a jealous God; he will not forgive your transgressions nor your sins.”

    King James Version (KJV)
    What exactly does these passages in scripture mean?

  10. Excellent documentary. I always wondered why we were NEVER taught anything about the rich history about scriptural Yasharel and the rich history in Africa. Common sense always told me our Messiah could NEVER have been a blond hair blue eyed Nordic looking white man.


  12. How you go from talking about blk Egypt or proving Egypt was originally blk to start talking about a people call Israelites 🤔🤣🤣🤣

  13. BTW in Rev 1:13-15 is not Jesus but a messenger. ..now read Rev 1:1 , Rev 22:6, Rev 22:8, Rev 22:16…..John worship the feet of the messenger who showed him all things in Rev 22:8, now ask yourself who feet did John see in Rev 1:15🤔🤣🤣🤣

    Typical lies by Israelites in America

  14. Yall can only fool the unlearn , will fail against the well learn free thinkers that knows the real truth about history with historical facts

    Truth seekers rise up👊🏿✊🏿

  15. There are so many contradictions in this "documentary," it's hilarious. So Egyptians were black? Ok, how many slaves did they own? They were the OGs of slavery, mind you. Is this documentary attempting to show that the dominant culture, no matter the skin color, has enslaved people throughout the worlds history?

  16. I’m not trying to bash anybody it’s one thing if you’ve never heard this but it’s another thing if you’re shocked I find it so frustrating and silly that so many woke black people in America who know the caucasion lies about everything and concerns something has been wrong with this nation for years on end believe every word that comes out of their mouth when it comes to history and who we are we don’t even know who we are we have to have other races of people tell us who we are historically and we eat it up were told we were nothing but slaves for over 2000 years under the white man’s ruleAnd then wonder why there’s an unhealthy infatuation in America between these two nations of the Gentiles in the Israelites …….
    But if we’re gonna be completely honest it’s a certain type of Caucasian gentile that has been very insistent and played a huge role in hiding and taking of God’s chosen people’s history there walking around in our country masquerading as us well pimping out our talents and children

  17. I LOVE ❤️ YAH,Dios,God,Allah but this is soo dysfunctional ?!! Hellah SUS … Buenos ✌🏾n Ahavah mi gente 🙏🏾

  18. I'm intending to share this with a friend…does anyone know if, in this series, there is mention/ breakdown of the 501c3 tax exempt?? And if so, which part/#??


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