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  1. We are 3/5 Humans because of The Truth that The Fallen Angels Merged With Women and Also we are Directly A Product of GOD's Chosen People my opinions

  2. The word African in itself has brainwashed the so called Hebrews, it makes one have to look elsewhere to find him or herself.

  3. Many people are critical of the Bible, the very same books that if anything, are revealing what they claim to be Awakening/ awaken to. There's no need to go searching for anything because God's plans and purposes for mankind will play themselves out in His time ,for His glory and pleasure. No one or anything can thwart them. Everything was set in place from the foundation of the world. All that's there to do, is to give thanks and praises to the all wise creator.

  4. Essau brained washed our people, left us blind and dumb they will pay for taking our identity away from the true hebrews gods chosen people…

  5. I find it interesting that people are willing to use the Bible when it agrees with their theories but rejected when it disagrees with them as in the case with this video they seem to agree with white scientists when it fits their theories but disagree with white scientists If They don't. Anyway there is no Gospel of genetics only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can save. Speaking of our Biblical history remember it was the Canaanites who were perverse before God and from whom the sodomites and Gomorrahrites and the surrounding perverse cities we're from. There was no white person there to corrupt them it was from their own Wicked hearts just as today every person is responsible for the wickedness of their own heart even if it's being manipulated by others. Only those who have been born again in Christ Jesus receive a new heart an opportunity to go before the throne of grace boldly because of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ and receive help and mercy in time of need.

  6. Always check the facts we have the internet even with all its nonsense we should at least check the statements of those who want your mind and heart no matter who they are.. Support us

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    The black woman – with white parents

    Sandra Laing was born black, but to white parents. It would have been strange anywhere – but in apartheid South Africa it was disastrous. Rory Carroll reports from Johannesburg

    Rory Caroll

    Sun 16 Mar 2003 20.20 ESTFirst published on Sun 16 Mar 2003 20.20 EST

    Long before science learned to meddle with genes, there was Sandra Laing. She entered the world in 1955, a beautiful baby by all accounts, who could be expected to grow up in a close-knit family amid mines of gold and forests of pine. At the first sight of Sandra no one, not the nurse, her mother, father or neighbours would admit the obvious. Nature had played a trick. Abraham and Sannie Laing were white, their parents, grandparents and great grandparents were white, yet their daughter was dark. By a biological quirk, the pigment of an unknown black ancestor had lain dormant for generations and manifested in Sandra. Genetic throwbacks were not unheard of but if there was ever a wrong place and wrong time for this phenomenon, it was apartheid South Africa.

    Her life is an extraordinary tale of a search for identity in a system built on race and prejudice, where home, school, job and sex life was demarcated by skin colour. Born to a conservative Afrikaner family, Sandra's fate was to not be what she was supposed to be.

    It has a happy ending, of sorts, and one which is scheduled to hit bookshops and cinemas now that Hollywood has caught wind of the story. The first biography is due out this year and a British production company has signed a deal with Miramax to make the film. Sandra Laing is about to become famous. Sitting in the back garden of her new house in Leachville, a maze of recently built estates fringing farmland east of Johannesburg, the bulky woman with the crew cut does not much resemble the svelte, toffee-coloured youngster who was photographed hugging a tall, white woman three decades ago. The psychological toll of her traumas has been immense, say friends, and Sandra, 47, is taciturn, the eye contact fleeting, the voice low. "I'm much happier with black people. I am, I was, very shy with white people. Even today I still think white people don't like black people because of the way they treated me." A mild way of putting things from someone who was expelled from school, mocked, abused, persecuted and told she was inferior, something less than fully human, because she lacked the pinkness expected of an Afrikaner descended from Dutch settlers. The nose and lips could be European but the skin is evidence of a liaison between a settler and native, perhaps as early as the 18th century.

    "Sometimes I wonder how things might have been, what life might have been like, if I was born white. Mostly I try just to forget the past." She speaks slowly, concentrating on each question, but it is clear she would rather play with the grandson resting on her knee, throw a ball to the dog, re-arrange shelves in the grocery shop, do anything other than an interview. Earlier she did smile, when 10 children with violins trooped into her shop, a converted front room of her house, and gave a concert to celebrate the new home and business which, it is hoped, will harbour a normal, stable life. Wellwishers and dignitaries of all colours made speeches to honour what they called a survivor, a symbol of triumph over despair. A performance by Zulu dancers drove the dog wild and Sandra even joined in the laughter.

    The wheel has turned full circle. Growing up in the rural town of Piet Retief, Sandra's parents, members of the racist Nationalist Party, also ran a grocery shop, and in the early years she was happy. Treated as white by her parents and two brothers, Adriaan and Leon, she attended the Dutch Reformed Church and was reared as a God-fearing Afrikaner superior to blacks and "coloureds", those of mixed race. "My parents were good people and they loved me very much." The tight black curly hair and ever-darkening skin was noticeable to all and Sandra remembers being told by her mother to avoid the sun. Teachers looked away when classmates called her a "kaffir" and one day, after five years at the Deborah Retief boarding school, the principal told her to pack her bag; she was being expelled. Two policemen escorted the 10-year-old home.

    Sandra's father wept and tried to explain to her about the laws which said she would have to attend a school for black or coloured children. Taking their cue from the state, the community punished the family: ignored at church, refused ice cream at shops, rejected by nine schools, cursed. Abraham Laing appealed in vain against Sandra's reclassification as coloured and she ended up in a boarding school 900km from home, lonely, a bedwetter. In 1967 she was reclassified white when the law changed to say the child of two white parents could not belong to another racial group. Blood tests proved she was the biological offspring of Abraham and Sannie.

    By now Sandra felt more at ease with non-whites and at the age of 16 she eloped with a Zulu-speaking vegetable-seller, Petrus Zwane. "My father was furious because I married a black man. He threatened to shoot first me then himself if I ever put my foot over his threshold again." It was a step into another world, from ruling caste privilege to the oppression and poverty of townships. From apartheid there was no escape: Sandra would not be allowed to keep her two children unless she was reclassified coloured, as they were, but her father refused his consent, and without documents she had to eke out a living with odd jobs.

    Evicted from their town to make way for whites, Petrus turned drunk and violent and Sandra, destitute, placed the children with social welfare, the hardest decision of her life, she says. As apartheid entered crisis in the 1980s Sandra tried in vain to contact her family, only to learn Abraham had died and Sannie did not want to see her. Sandra found a second husband, Johannes Motloung, and had another three children after being reunited with her first two. Three years ago the Johannesburg Sunday Times found her in a township on the East Rand and arranged a tearful reunion at a nursing home with her mother. Months short of her death, Sannie was bubbly and alert: "Now tell me again, about the children." Sandra's brothers, said to be right-wing, still shun contact.

    The publicity galvanised a campaign to find Sandra a house of her own, culminating in last month's ceremony in Leachfield, and the story is on its way to a wider audience. Judy Stone, a contributing editor of Oprah magazine, expects to publish a biography next year and Anthony Fabian, a British producer and director, has a $5m (£3.12m) contract with Miramax to make the film. Billed as a true story of love, betrayal and reconciliation, the working title gets to the point: Skin.


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  7. Jesus is not black or white. he is orange reddish. He is the sun . And people did not come from black people. Black people can not create themselves. Asians are the smarter race and Africans are more archaic.

  8. The death of cultures, societies is common, and not uncommon. The extinction of races of unique people is common, It is a death by a thousand cuts, slow and constant.
    We know what the colonials did to our ancestors, and we understand how each of us got to the place we are, different places, different degrees of loss and disconnection, some prodigals will never know their biological, cultural reality. They are completely assimilated, and disconnected.
    The means of this destruction is carefully built, crafted with care, and during 500 years, has acted to remove from us all traces of our biological, genetic, hereditary culture.
    Laws were passed, preventing cultural practices, ceremonies, religious practices, and even speaking of our languages was prevented.
    Children were schooled to be white, hair was cut, our regalia, our cloths, our manner of being, discouraged, made illegal.
    Taken from our traditional land, prevented from our normal social interactions, and habits, children separated from parents, family, and tribe.
    Our traditional foods destroyed, and discouraged, hunting, fishing, and gathering all prevented. Hunger and death were common.
    The adoption of colonial style of government, and habits, their food, and their alcohol, all causing destruction of our core culture, our genetic persona, our society.
    Each trait appropriated is another of the thousand cuts. Still try and remember, we are still here, I am still here, you are still here, this is not over.

    Psalm 105:23 ►
    Then Israel entered EGYPT; Jacob resided as a foreigner in the LAND OF HAM

    Ezekiel 30:26
    And I WILL SCATTER THE EGYPTIANS among the nations, and disperse them among the countries; and they shall know that I am the Lord.

    Isaiah 45:14~
    Thus says the LORD, "The products of EGYPTS and the merchandise of Cush And the Sabeans, men of stature, WILL COME OVER TO U AND BE YOURS, THEY WILL WALK BEHIND YOU, THEY WILL COME OVER IN CHAINS And will bow down to you; They will make supplication to you: 'Surely, God is with you, and there is none else, No other God.'"

    Deuteronomy 30:7-9
     And the Lord thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies,( JACOBS) and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee.


  10. *Lamentations 4:7 ►
    Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were WHITIER than milk, they were more RUDDY in BODY than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire.

  11. Jordan Maxwell isn't racist, you're going to have to substantiate that claim because I've been listening to the man for a long time and all I've heard him say regarding race and racism is the truth, which is that this is a white mans world and that white people (Europe) have dominated the world under the satanic orders of Rome and that keeping black people dis empowered and making sure the white man is on the top is a huge part of their plan, he even made friends with this black hispanic youtuber and talked to him about the how the CIA are behind the mass incarceration of blacks in America and how whites try to divide and conquer blacks, he even talked about Jim Jones and the mass suicide and how hollywood brainwashes black people to have dysfunctional families by showing thugs ratchets and dysfunctional relationships, I haven't heard a single racist thing come out this guys mouth he preaches nothing but straight up hard facts, one of the few big white names out there that do.

  12. Ancient Kemit and the so called Egyptian's we're the people of Kush. I've got a abstract from the tomb of Seti with four black men.

  13. I think that even though many of us have been mistreated cheated bamboozled hornswaggled cursed places aside like a used second plate of masticated food , The fact is we have to act to change the attitudes first of all of those that see us as a lesser form of their peers .
    Lets start out with the crime that exists within our confines and also those that surround us by not considering oneself or any that report it a snitch but someone to look up to that is bettering our community .
    1) Let's not cover up those that zare committing crimes just because they are black like you or Hispanic like myself.
    2) Start educating oneself so that besides moving your head in agreement and saying "uh huh" you can actually participate by adding facts to the theme being discussed. This means pick up a book , read the classics like Frankenstein little women etc.
    3) learn the language and stop speaking like ignorant people that have been locked in a closet their whole lives and just started to speak the language. Drop the slang and speak english.
    4) Dress appropriately for the ocasion. If everyone comes in a suit dress like everyone else in a suit not Jean's and sneakers. You will be looked on even as they have their hand on your shoulder claiming "dont worry its cool" if you can't afford a suit there is always goodwill . Get something that fits(you may have to go from one store to another) and make sure its ironed and you are wrinkled free.
    5) look and learn there are followers and leaders. If you dont know or understand watch on the sidelines and learn people will respect you more . Peace be to you and yours .

  14. Sooooo. Im not saying that all of this is wrong. but I am saying that this video is over all stupid. Yes African people were put into slavery. Yes we were treated as trash in the past. But If you honestly belive that people who are Caucasian decent are out to just wipe out African people as of NOW and you hold that against them. Then honestly you are no better than the people you claim to be "heathens" You might say that you are just spreading some so called truth but you people are just full of hatred. Even in the very beginning of this dumb ass video I felt the amount of hate. You are terrible for how you talk about people you so call "asleep". I find it utterly disgusting. Honestly what gives you the right to be so condescending to someone just becasue they dont think like you?

  15. I’m 14….and the 400 years are up tomorrow!i need more information and more understanding of what’s going to be happening !Sense in the age of 14 some things are slightly confusing ….What will be changing drastically ?I understand most things ,,but I’m still confused slightly .i know this is off topic but 🤷🏽‍♀️

  16. Hi I really enjoyed your educational video's. Thank You for all of your bible research. I am now searching for the heavenly father real name and the messiah real name. There are numerous of people researching for the truth. I am now concern about finding out his real name. Thank you again.

  17. Shabbat shalom family.
    Apparently in the last couple years the Smithsonian Institute has been caught In a lie. Wow I thought that they were supposed to be finding Scientific evidence and preserving it for mankind. Apparently that is not true and their mission was to find any evidence that the Bible could be corroborated and destroy it. The Smithsonian lost a law suit after an investigation was done that they have been destroying evidence for the last hundred years that Giants did exist. There are many sites that you can find this. This is one on YouTube “Smithsonian’s coverup of the Ancient giants-real history of American by godrules.
    For the brothers that are strong in their yet. This illusion is real. This book is a true history of man. There are many more lies that Esau has been telling.
    All praises due to the most high ABBA YAH YAHUAH ELOHIYM YAHUSHA HA’MASHIACH

  18. Actually, National Geographic has shown that white people have only been on the earth for about 6,500 years. We know that ALL of Europe was black at one time. Even as late as 1492, when Columbus set out, there were still the remnants of black Kings in Europe. They began Whiting Them Out in the early 12th century … and black people mated with them-produced half-breeds, who married into white. Exactly what is happening to us now in America. http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/Perspectives_1/article_9878.shtml


  20. This is one of the most important videos about us as a people, Blessings to you for bringing this out to us, Give thanks!!!


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