Who did hinder you that ye should not obey the truth?

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Comment (27)

  1. Please, if some one can tell me where " Neimiah" is, I know I'm not spelling the name right. Watchman says the name at 34:00. I am using the CEPHER.

  2. What is Yah purpose for me having a husband the verbally abrasive to me day and day out. Help me understand please sis and bro. I'm so tired for dealing with him.

  3. Just wow you guys spiritual break downs are awesome. Thank you for your fantastic edification and keep up the great work.

  4. Toda YAH and Barakatha! much needed! All praise to The Most High and Hamachiac😆. Thanks family for your consistency and sound doctrine😇

  5. I can't do nothing but praise TMH for this lesson! So needed and right on time! This hit home for my daughter & I. I love fellowshipping on here with the both of you having Bible study. Much blessings to you❤️

  6. Yah has mercy on black people. He said "For the mountain shall depart and the hills be removed, but my kindness shall not depart from you, neither shall the covenant of peace be removed says YAHUAH that has mercy on you. Upon all our stupidity and wickedness toward sone another, we are still loved. There is no race of people that can bore what we been through and still surviving and singing. Halleluyah!

  7. thank you both for your video's about whats happening to us and what has happened to us in the past growing up in my home I never heard anything about slavery NEVER  when I was 7 or 8 years old I knew something wasn't right I use to tell my mom that and she was hiding it from us I now know but it wouldn't leave me,it was when I became grown and a white girl said you know you came from slavery I said what,what are you talking about first time I ever heard those words even growing up in the church I never ever heard anything about slavery it took over 35 years to hear it like this so thank you for being so opened about us I'm still learning everythings still new I'm still praying too I'm interested in understanding about the Passover & the feast weeks like , all these pegen holidats that are hear I don'y celebrate any of it I HOPE you do talk about the backing of the holidays and what they mean, nothing good I assure you we are not to celebrate them the are pegan-richulal

  8. Thank y'all so much for your videos. I've been really showing out keep acting so miserable…
    Your videos always help me to remember to stay humble and that also spirits are provoking me to act this way.
    I just asked the most high YAH to help me to rebuke the spirits from my life and from myself.
    Toba Abba YAH you guys helped me more than you can ever realize.

  9. Wow almost always when I click on these teachings the scripture is one that I just had studied for the day. Wow! This one was right on my spirit.

  10. FYI – Cats become "nasty" because, either it is mating season and they have not been spayed/neutered (which happens to many animals that become aggressive during certain mating seasons, or while in 'heat') or the animal is annoyed or some how they feel like they are being provoked. Cats act different in a good way, when they are spayed/neutered. Vets can assist with making the animal (and owners) feel more comfortable so that they will not become aggressive.

  11. HalleluYah HalleluYah
    Entire message on point as usual family. ThankFull yall brought out parenting beyond 18 when we should not slack when most havent started from the womb so no excuse to slack. Also our forefathers knew the law n still stumbled lest we not forget.

  12. is Yah a name or a title? If Yah is the name or short for the name do not say '"the Yah" nor my Yah; but just Yah (short for Yahuah). Please clarify.

  13. Halleluyah family!!! I been through many storms in my life time. the only reason I am still here, is because ABBA YAH, has been my strength when I need it the most. ABBA has promised us, that He will never leave us or forsaken us. All we need to do family, is endure until the end. much love to all of you.🙌👀🙌💙🐦


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