Who do you fear? Yahuwah or Man?

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  1. Who is Yahuwah? Where did you get that name ? His name is Ahayah ? Not Yahuwah or Jehovah or Yahwei

    Hosea 2:16 And it shall be at that day, saith the Adonayah, that thou shalt call me Ishi (Father) ; and shalt call me no more Baali.

  2. I fear Elohim Yahuwah more & first, but I have to admit I also fear what evil men are capable of.

  3. Please do you have The scriptures that you’re reading ,wrote down .so that we can copy them
    and do our own study you go to fast for me .

  4. Shalom mishpacha, thank you for the Word , your speakers give off a twitching sound, please check the sound for the next broadcast

  5. Shalom family when will watchman be doing baptizing again and where and when ?.
    I truly love to be baptize
    Thank you family.

  6. Those lost books Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, and other books are extremely helpful in completing the bible, and all of the loose ends that have you wondering and or doubting the bible.  There are literally hundreds of books that YAH informed the nation to write and hide some, put some out, etc., and we, as a nation needs to find those books, seek out those books and read them, they will definitely not disappoint!

  7. Shalom Precious Brother and Sister

    Question: Ezekiel 16:3
    Says the inhabitants of Jerusalem

    Are descendants of the Amorites and Hittites are Canaanites

    I thought and was taught that this scripture refers to Israelites

    Amorites and Hittites are from Canaan, the son of Ham, not Shem

    Can you explain this to me, please; thank you

  8. WOW. You don't realize it but you started the subject 7 minutes in. The beginning was FANTASTIC. Yet somehow, there is almost no way you could have slowed down to start the subject 7 minutes in. In my research and AWAKENING YAHWAH loves the number 7. 7 is absolutely everywhere.

  9. EXCUSE ME #WATCHMANREPORTS but there is a whole story about the theif on the cross that was deliberately ommited from the BIBLE. I found it. He actually saved YAHSUA and Joseph and Mary when YAHSUA was a baby. He paid to let them pass. Let me know if you want to know more. The theif on the cross is not just any theif. He still had to wait outside the GATE OF HEAVEN. Without him, we all wouldn't survive. He is so very important. Research who he really is.

  10. When I seen the 12 tribe chart I was thinking oh great the sista's of Judah will still be looked over for the women of the other nations bc their on the chart and now it's justified according to them bc it's the law of the most high…

  11. I would like your thoughts on a video I viewed https://www.youtube.com/redirect?v=koEge5y2rQk&event=video_description&q=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FT4-Migration-of-Judah&redir_token=sCoXvwiC-DQHYqMBojhUCeqllkR8MTU2NDc2MDIyMkAxNTY0NjczODIy it speaks a lot of truth however I'm troubled by his Republican leaning attatude,I realize todays Republican are no longer the party of Lincoln.I respectfully ask for your comments and clarification,thank you,my e-mail address haroldlawrence67@gmail.com

  12. The more you build a relationship with Yah, the more you will notice his characteristics. I like the quotation at Exodus 32:10, Now, therefore, let me alone Yah said to Mosheh, that I may consume these people…and I will make you(Mosheh) a great nation. Did you catch that?.

  13. I have been watching and listening to you guys for months now. I am glad to have you as my family. Thank you for opening my eyes to slot of truth. And also breaking it down. I love how you not only talk but go to the scriptures line by line and also precepts. Love you guys.

  14. In my walk, I have had to revisit this subject – The fear of Yah. Halleluyah 🙌🏾
    I learned how the worldly fears harbor in our hearts substituting the fear of Yah.. Fears that could in a subtle manner, not even, seemingly, feel as a fear.
    For instance, the fear of not having things go the way I want them (I can’t control fear) #2. Rejection Fear – fear of being rejected by someone, which may cause emotional distress #3 A fear of failure- Emotinal distress for example, when success of worldly endeavors are is not apparent. #4 Fear of the unknown- I can simply say about this fear that is a lack of faith in The Most High…And the #5 worldly fear that may be substituting the proper fear of Yah in hour hearts is the fear of suffering/pain.

    Shalom Family

  15. In my walk towards the most high Yah I walked by myself I have no one and I know no one that want to know him but me I'm a father of the most high yeah I'm not religious I serve no one but Yah


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