Who is Jesus Christ?

Who is Jesus Christ? It might sound like a simple and straightforward question. Most would respond by saying that Jesus Christ is the son of God. Others may say he is the Christ or the Messiah. Others may say it is the European name for the Hebrew Messiah.

However, it gets much deeper than that. Jesus Christ is not who we think he is. This video reveals who Jesus Christ really is, coming as it were, “from the horse’s mouth.”

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  1. This video exposes who the Jesus Christ of Christianity really is, including his origins and how he made his way to Rome. Hint? He is not who you think he is.

  2. This is loaded with new, but old information. We haven't done any researches, just sit in church nd allowed ourselves 2b programmed with lies. Thank you for doing such intense research.

  3. This is some POWERFUL information. Thanks for your research to bring the truth that has been hidden from us all these years. I pray The Most High Yahuah will open the eyes of His people so they know who they are in Him, His chosen people.

  4. Are you open to answering questions, because I don't think just posting or sharing this is good enough. Truth has to shared and explained, especially when there's doubts

  5. So who is Yehusha hamashiach? How do we fall into the real kingdom now and is there forgiveness of sin? Tell us more about how we the gentiles fall into all this? Was there a Saviour?

  6. Shalom brother, can you please explain to the viewers where are these Hebrew Israelites getting the name Yahowashi from? It doesn't make sense to me be I thought that the letter "W" didn't exist in Hebrew alphabet

  7. Why do we argue about the name no one will know for sure until we meet him. He has put the truth in our hearts. Let us walk in the Light of righteousness. The Father of spirits shall judge the heart of the worship towards his truth. HE SAYS We shall worship him in spirit and truth. HE DOES NOT SAY WE WILL WORSHIP HIM IN NAME. IF OUR HEARTS CONDEMN US CONCERNING HIS NAME…. GOD IS GREATER. THE FATHER IS GREATER THEN A NAME. HE ACTUALLY SAYS THAT WILL NOT KNOW THE FULL MYSTERY UNTIL WE MEET HIM WHEN WE CROSS OVER. SO LET US BE TRUE IN HEART.

  8. My advice to YT channel owners is that if you have a powerful message and powerful images, be cautious with the music because many a times, the music unfortunately, overshadows the message. Some of us get distracted very easy.

  9. Finally one of my Jamaican brothers here on youtube with the Truth! Some of my siblings doesn't understand what am trying to tell them about the whitewashing of the bible. The problem is the deception started with us thinking its the truth when it already happened but the christians looking for some futuristic event smh! One more thing the letter J is only 496 years old so for sure Jesus is made up.

  10. APTTMH HalleluYAH. Great video that I can share with family & friends because sometimes it's very difficult trying to tell people the truth, they like to live the lie & can't be bothered to search for the truth, too much information.
    Yahuah bless you 🙏🏾🥰

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